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What our experts say? Ringers is one of the best and well-established mobile stores serving in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. The company was established in The company is located in Opp. UCO Bank PL Sharma Road Begambagh, Lalkurti Bazaar, Meerut Cantonment, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The company has over 18 years of experience in the mobile sales field.

Inputs from the industry are added in the framing of curricula for all the courses at IIMT University. In IIMT University, through its academic model we are oriented towards world class education for our students. Technical exposure, Grooming students to International standards, societal exposure, Cultural tint in student structuring, are some of the prime areas for which IIMT University is serving as a preparatory ground. How to go for start up? We are in continuous pursuit to utilize virtual platform to make our teaching more innovative and experimental.

Well furnished library, centralized instrumentation facility, Animal research facility, in house patient handling practice through multiple hospital facility for para medical and pharmacy students, Material recycling engineering lab, In house teaching practice through varied in house Primary, secondary and higher secondary schools for students of Teachers education, Own hotel of international standard for Hotel management students in house training exposure are a few facilities to name with.

Our Universities own FM radio serves to be a training platform for not only our journalism students but also others with an inward interest of public speaking. State of the art sports facilities namely shooting ground, horse riding, swimming pool, synthetic basket ball ground, GYM, Yoga training are the best options available for satisfying the mental and physical refreshment of our students.

I welcome you to take a chance, to become a member of our IIMT family and get placed by campus placement through our established CRIC cell.


The IIMT University is proud of a vibrant campus and a thriving community comprising of talented students, great faculty and state-of-the art-infrastructure. IIMT University is designed to cater to the needs of a diverse group of students representing all parts of the country as also overseas students.

The University provides a perfect ambiance and environment for the pursuit of academic excellence. It is an exciting moment in the life of a student and at the same time, it demands new adjustments and the discipline of a sincere learner of concepts, skills, and attitudes. The IIMT University follows an innovative learning approach comprising of class learning, individual learning, group learning, real-life projects, community service and problem-solving.

As a student, you will learn to handle new, sometimes challenging situations in a cross-cultural environment.

The Faculty at the University works closely with the student to facilitate learning in a partnership model with the students. It is going to be a great learning experience for you. The IIMT University provides ample career development opportunities with its partnership agreements with a large number of industrial, business and social organizations including Universities and Institutions.

The Career Development Cell guides the students to train themselves for great careers depending on the talent, aptitude and life objectives. The mentor program at the University takes care of the personal, emotional and career needs of its students. With core values of academic excellence and freedom to pursue research and consulting, the IIMT University attracts highly accomplished and reputed faculty from all corners of the world.

The University offers a challenging intellectual environment with a focus on cutting edge and inter-disciplinary research with post-graduate and doctoral programmes in diverse areas of study. Good thing. I guess. Okay, so, visitally I mean I am every college and every University, has a separate why?

It like ??? ??? ?? serting place, cigarette, difference all what was the culture like ok?

What wides do you get? What do you used to feel exactly?

? you know the in the I am ?? those days I don't know today, but in those days you know the studio's from the fan India. So the people from ?????? was also there. People from player was also there people from that and was also there it was basically cosmo political culture okay sometimes the language it different you know that to you are very batchmates in his thought about you can but ????? on the understood that this is the culture of difference this you know culture will help you also when you come Go to because you will find a couple of different you know, geographies all together, so you are able to learn and what the language is and how the response.

been like this. or is there a difference. we at with you. So that was one thing and I are there, you know people are good around the IIMTU also because when I stayed because I was on a hostile I'm outside of holster.

so I got a family who was taking care of there was a family where I took a first room and they were like a guardian kind of thing. but that was a mixed kind of was there. So if you are positive, you need to know you're going to need to understand the local things and all but everything was fine You need to be open minded as well.

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Yes, yes. yes, you have to accept the truth because you people will accept you when you accept it. Okay also.

From the Desk of Pro-Chancellor. The IIMT University has been established to meet the rapid advances in education sector. In a country where 65 percent population is below the age of 35, we have a responsibility to transform such a large young population into demographic dividend so that they contribute constructively in the development of world community NAMASKAR DOSTO,Aaj is video mai Aapko btane jaa raha hu main Meerut ki music Zone shop ke bare mai is video mai aapko sad pta chal jayega ki shop kah Fone Co., Meerut. likes. Local Business. ,Rajban Ka Pul,Bombay Bazar(near Hanuman Chowk) Meerut City, Uttar Pradesh, India,

That along with your car and all the studies and all the responsibilities do you get your extracurricular activities also keep an utmost importance to assure that the student grows completely and all the factors of life. Yes, yes, I want to know that we focus a lot on this but back then when you were an MBA while I was at focus and how did you grow from that extra curricular things? let me start my journey. It's a pretty big part of the you know Okay.

So when I joined that you know there was a management. And as you know so she was taking a you know she was organizing the seminar seminar. Okay And so, but there was something in our minds are you should organize it?

Already sexymovi meerut talk join

I think two 3 months after by joining a Shiba transparent and I was a big and I want to hold that time. okay and I took that bike and the entire 2 years that I was with me all day. That is one example, I'm putting you from there. so there are so many seminars that was happening The people are people who are visiting from the also and are the different you know from the countries.

basically the best of those days you know different countries and was coming. I remember the Czech Republic I remember the China's I was there and because I remember because I was thinking you know, I was the person who's holding the mic. I was a key part of that. So I mean Doctor Paul was our director who was having a great on the team, so that was not only restricted to a local or India.

It is rather than you had access to a or you know. you know that there were asking question where we can invest and I as a as a you know, Indian, I asked the Czech Republic. and when we. he was giving a date I still remember it was a giving us that which he was trying to India's far behind.

You know, okay, and he was surprised by my question that I asked that can you please tell me where the can in this country 2 years he was blind because of the first thing he was 2 minutes. He was blank and then he responded in India in person IT sector, but I still remember those this so there was a you know this is your confidence okay and apart from these people from the corporate who was coming.

Okay, I don't remember the name, but it was a famous writer. Okay, so he was from Bihar University, but he was very famous writer so I still remember the enthusiasm he has created for his you know experience and the writers of the book. and back on that there was so many cultural differences for it. I was shy also so I got an opportunity of Shari as the. so that kind of you know so II don't know what is happening that time there was an opportunity and there was so many, you know, fresher parties or seniors you know, farewell everything.

Happening that way so II think this is still continues because this is a part of the of every. this is a culture.

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We can't change that. Yeah, you can't change. Okay I feel industrial visits were also there because even now we feel that along with your curriculum, which is important that you know what is happening outside in the industry, you are preparing for.

Yes, yes, yes. so back then when you went for your visits were there right when you were a part of yes? yes, it was there. I want to know that what was your learning outcomes out of that and that's it I think in the first semester only I visited. okay, so my my entire visited Alibaba.

Agree, remarkable sexymovi meerut talk all became

so what that is a word from university. I mean it's it's from collagen. okay so only arranged all is only arranged that was the first visit and. we I think we all went to and we learn how to manifesting is happening. Okay and. After understanding the entire process, there are all the with the HR head of the over there and.

we had a question also and being a child and I had a you know there was not any question in my mind so that you know that gives you actual feeling that you know if you are going to the you're preparing for the what should be what quality you possess and what do you have to learn you know before coming to work So that was you know my. To visit, I don't know I think company in the college should I must I think Palace is doing it frequently. Do I have frequently erase this kind of you know no we do that will that will help of course and also you told me that you are the placement coordinator.

I know that see what I see is that every student who enters in any of the college to pursue their graduation graduation, the first thing, which comes into the mind that what's going to happen is that yes. Want to look for the amount of the time they're investing into a polish they want to have the return back to the placements so that has become the main agenda of choosing a place. so you a placement coordinator, but you know I want you to tell me and all the students who are watching this right now that what is the role of IIMTU when we decide to offer placements to all of you or we decide to help you to find out placements.

All of you so what was their own you know the placement was trying hard to place because they aim the department is having aim to place their students, but III will tell you one thing also that you need to prepare yourself. Also okay as a student if you are not. possessing your skills as a student, if you are not possessing a skill and the the what the market is going to so this.

So if I have if there's a or so you are getting equal opportunity in sitting in any place in it's up to you and if you are getting selected or not selected the time when when I a coordinatorit was a global slow down. Okay so that was there was no job in the market, but I still you know with the part of our faculties, you know the place.

ICAC was visited that time was visited that time Okay. Okay Okay and services that time because I was, you know the visitor at that time okay and I because I remember because I was a coordinator so it was a you know kind of a journey.

You know I was in the morning.

Sexymovi meerut talk

I remember one of my bras and me we went to receive our you know the the interviewer to the in the morning 5 o'clock we started. so that kind of effort was put it away as a you know that was a embroidery, the and the coordinates. so that time you know we try to manage our to try to manage the maximum. price is still in the bad situation. Also we were. You know we have a job in HR and I was the IRS so I was helping students, but you know very rare opportunity those days for the the The The recruitment is the last.

The Opinionated Bitches are back doing something a little risky. We are still giving our opinions out but this time we are doing it in a sexy way. In a sex t   PM talks to shooter from Meerut going to participate in Tokyo Olympics - Find latest meerut News, Today meerut News, meerut city news Online from Alumni Talk. IIMT University Meerut was live. May 14 IIMTU invites you to join us on FB LIVE for Alumni Connect. K Views. Related Videos. How to proceed for research paper in Optometry. IIMT University Meerut. views Today.

of the requirement for HR is very less. but but it's still my placed in so many colleges. There's so many companies that time and the was. and again as I said to you that the skill you need to get so that's why this. Of course, we can create opportunities for you, but what we can't, We can't force you to get into that opportunity if you need to. do your hard work has to be done otherwise the university tries to give you all the support that they can II.

Remember there was a time I don't want to name it.

There was a company. That's hospital. You know few people are not able to sit because of. Criteria Those are very good. I name it a few people out there and I was one of those okay, but we were you're coordinating but you're not getting the chance to sit and this but what happened in that they actually didn't find any of the aspire to their level.

Okay, so that was also happening to the truth. have you but if you are not you know coming with, you're not. Hi, of course, so that the reality we should understand this is a reality so what was your first placement? a very honest to to you because you know HR as I said you and HR, there was any less opportunity to only one company who came and that is a in the hospital and I was not able to sit as well.

Okay So. was my you know faculty who told that I want your name in a place. So lastly I set in a marketing okay and. so that was my for the sake of my faculties and did you work in the so I didn't work because my marketing and my team and first day from first day to you know to join. That happens in you have to very focus what is your destiny? You should not change your destiny because of circumstances and Christian. That you cannot. Because two thousand eight was not a normal year. If you know entire world was in glow global solution.

Two thousand now, this is we are only shutting down.

Similar kind of apparently. But I hope everybody say that you are end, right? Yeah, yeah. Thanks, thanks.

Well sexymovi meerut talk Exaggerate

Okay, ah You being an old Alumni to us okay, and there are a lot of students who can't keep us doing MBA from IIMTU. What sort of message or what sort of learning or teaching would you would like to give them to make sure that they go on the right path? Yes, this is a very important part. I think a senior can be can give this thing only to the juniors. I think you can make or break the future of you really look up to you, You know there is yes that's the only difference between seniors juniors experience.

and seniors. So let me tell you one thing that the and we were in college. Like you know internet, which we are talking today, okay options we have like you know you can access any IT courses or any courses through online.

It was not okay, but now it is a level for example, I'm telling you this is going to help each and every student if the MBA want to join a corporate okay Are you ready with the RX or not? do you know we take the names of do you know lupus? That is a question okay you need to excel these things because now data is a very important part in any corporate.

absolutely you have to take a decision on database that time only data is now to follow a data science Okay, the new feature like Pablo. These are things that I mean in the market if somebody's good at I'm just giving you you're even engineering student those who are doing their engineering. If you are, you have a good skill in a you can get a high paying job in any carpet nowadays because everything is.

It you know they provide a. to our decision making food so data is a place of the season so you need to excel you need to understand the data. Okay if you are a marketing guy. Also you need to understand your career. you also need to understand, especially HR marketing and finance. You know everything is okay. ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ????? ???????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???, ?? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? ????? ????? ??????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ??????? ??????? ?? ???? ???????????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ???.

???? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ?? ?? ?? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ????, ?? ?? ???? ????, ???? ?? ??? ???????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ??? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ??? ???? ??? ???? ????, ???? ???? ????, ???? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ????? ????? ???? ???? ???? ?????????? ???? ??? ???, ?? ?????? ??? ?? ??? ???????? ????? ?? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ?????????? ???? ???? ?? ?? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ?????? ???????????? ??? ????? ????.

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???????????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ????, ???? ????? ?? ?? ???? ???????????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ????? ????? ???. ???????????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??? ?????. ??? ????? close. ???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???????? : ????. By: Inextlive ated Date: Wed, 14 Jul IST. Tokyo Paralympics: ???? ?? 5 ????? ???? 19 ???? ?? ??? ???? ?????, ????????? ?????? ??? ?? ?? ?? ????? ???????????. ?????????? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ??????? ?????, ???? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ????.

Tokyo Paralympics: ???? ?? ???? ???? ????? ????, ?????? ??? ?? ???????? ??????? ??? ???? ??????. ???? ?? ???????? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???. ??????? ???? ?? ?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ???? ???? ???? ????????.

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