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Reggie Dunlop : Oh you cheap son of a bitch. Are you crazy? Those guys are retards! McGrath : I got a good deal on those boys. The scouts said they showed a lot of promise. Reggie Dunlop : They brought their fuckin' TOYS with 'em!

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Jim Carr : A bounty? Reggie Dunlop : Yeah, a hundred bucks of my own money for the first of my guys who really nails that creep. Reggie Dunlop : You know, your son looks like a fag to me. Anita McCambridge : I beg your pardon?

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Reggie Dunlop : You better get re-married again, or he's gonna have someone's cock in his mouth before you can say Jack Robinson. Anita McCambridge : How dare you! How dare you! Reggie Dunlop : What are you guys doing? Steve Hanson : Puttin' on the foil!

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Jeff Hanson : Every game! Jack Hanson : Yeah, you want some? Reggie Dunlop : Goddamn lard-ass Barkley Donaldson, I'm tellin' you he jumped us!

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Steve Hanson : [nodding head] Mm huh. Reggie Dunlop : Gloves off, stick down, no warning, he challenged the Chiefs! Steve Hanson : Called us names! Reggie Dunlop : Called us names!

But Dave was there. Steve Hanson : Dave's a killer! Johnny Upton : Dave's a mess. Reggie Dunlop : But Dave's out. Who's gonna take his place?

Ned Braden : Is the answer Jesus? Reggie Dunlop : [looks at the Hanson brothers] Ok guys. Show us what you got. Reggie Dunlop : How's it going, Nick?

Nick Brophy 8 Hyannisport Presidents : I'm drunk. Reggie Dunlop : Nah! Nick Brophy 8 Hyannisport Presidents : I'm not bullshittin' ya.

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Got stinkin' shitfaced on the bus. Louise left me, and that son of a bitch over there keeps playin' me when he knows I'm shitfaced. Reggie Dunlop : Jeez, I'm really sorry.

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Nick Brophy 8 Hyannisport Presidents : Anybody throws me against the boards, I'm gonna piss all over myself. Tim McCracken : Dunlop, you suck cock.

Those guys are retards! McGrath: I got a good deal on those boys. The scouts said they showed a lot of promise. Reggie Dunlop: They brought their fuckin' TOYS with 'em! McGrath: Well, I'd rather have em playin with their toys than playin with themselves. Reggie Dunlop: They're too "Don't put the cylinder through your ass" Episode 12 "Style isn't rewarded when escaping certain death. Don't be this asshole and break your foot off because you wanted to look cool." "Sarge once cut the training ropes in the middle of an exercise, resulting in the gruesome deaths of four cadets. On that day, Sarge smiled for the first time in years."   Charlie, it seemed, was something of a bad ass.- Brooklyn ? Kimberly Derting. Riley Blackthorne - kicking hell's ass one demon at a time. ? Jana Oliver, Forsaken. Never trust people who smile constantly. They're either selling something or not

Reggie Dunlop : All I can get. Suzanne Hanrahan : [Lying naked in bed] You are the first man I've slept with since I left Hanrahan. Reggie Dunlop : Aw Suzanne, a beautiful woman like you? Suzanne Hanrahan : Well, I've been sleeping with women.

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Reggie Dunlop : No. Suzanne Hanrahan : Did you ever wanna sleep with a man? Suzanne Hanrahan : Never?

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I don't blame you though Suzanne, I mean, well see, women's bodies are beautiful. But men's bodies, see I see 'em everywhere you know, in the locker rooms, their cocks all over the place and everything Suzanne Hanrahan : Do you wanna know how it happened?

Reggie Dunlop : Huh? No, that's OK. Suzanne Hanrahan : No, that's all right 'cause I have to tell it in court anyway. Every time Hanrahan went out on the road I would go over to this wife's house. And we would get drunk, and we would talk about how depressed and lonely we were without the guys.

  slap that booty | Your Sonic boyfriends scenarios. introduction. How you meet. the next day. the morning with him. when he tells you he loves you. the date. a/n. when he wants you to go somewhere with him

Every week blah, blah, blah. And one night we were talking about how we hated the life and how we had never done much of anything ourselves.

And I don't know why really, we were like kids, we started playing with one another. We were drunk as usual.

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And the next week we did it sober, and it was terrific! Reggie Dunlop : At the end of the day I think about women.


You know, I think about women's bodies. Now maybe all that'll change, maybe I'll end up sleeping with old goalies.

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I mean, things bein' what they are, who knows? Suzanne Hanrahan : When Hanrahan found out about it he went crazy! But later you have to forgive.

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tags: angryinsultrightslap. The smack of flesh striking flesh echoed through the hall. Conversations stopped as people whipped around to stare at us.

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tags: an-artificial-nightdramatic-momentforgivenessfriendshipfunnyhumorkissoctober-dayequoteseanan-mcguireslaptoby-daye. I could've crippled her. Missed my chance. tags: cripple missed-chanceslap. tags: confusionfeelingshugsloveslap.

No whining. What else do you want from a fella? tags: manlinessslapwhining. tags: in-the-faceslap.

Funny Ass Smack. I know you're my best friend because I'd shank a bitch for you. Right in the kidney. Funny Friendship Ecard: I know you're my best friend because I'd shank a bitch for you.   Steven Tyler's Best 'American Idol' Quotes From Milwaukee. 'Slap that baby on the ass and call me Christmas!' new judge says after one surprising audition. In addition to the excitement and Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins George Takei. Train your girls, if someone is touching you the wrong way, slap him. Saba Qamar. Also I just think I've been lucky enough to have great parents, and I've had good people around me who have always been honest with me, who would give me a purely metaphorical slap

tags: arouseslapturn-me-onturn-on. The night terror had seemed all too real. Being a woman is hard, being a real badass woman is not for everyone. Yet if you want to know what it takes to be a badass girl, keep reading the quotes. If you want something said, ask a man: if you want something done, ask a woman.

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Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there is no way of life.

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