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The mid-air light-spank is a customary ritual of flirtation between two or more animals of mating probability since fish first crawled from the ocean onto dry land. How the person who got smacked on the ass reacts differs, either with violence or embarrassed indifference. For stronger males who do this, especially with smaller females the butt-smacked female could be shown visibly rubbing her bottom after the slap whether or not they enjoyed the action. This can be subject to some Values Dissonance when coming from older works, as nowadays it can be a form of sexual harassment. This trope isn't just relegated to an open-palm. Variations like pinching and finger-brushing are included.

In BraveFergus does this to Elinor in the first scene just as Elinor is berating him on giving Merida her first bow, causing her to jump briefly in surprise. In ParaNorman : Alvin has a crush on Courtney during the whole movie.

The characters stick together against the Angry Mob when they decide to hold hands, but Alvin misses the mark, leading to this line: Courtney: reacting Hand, Alvin! My hand! Films - Live-Action. When the Boisterous Bruiser Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon is near Dale Arden he pats her on the bottom, startling her.

Baby Herman does this in order to have a private and serious conversation with detective Eddie Valiant.

In GoldfingerJames Bond does this to a woman giving him a massage after the titles after asking her to leave so he can talk shop with Felix Leiter.

Bond does this to Tania in From Russia with Love. She responds in mock disapproval that there are some English customs she's not going to put up with. In Bull DurhamCrash does this to Nuke when the latter is trying on a pair of Annie's garters in the locker room before a game. Local hoodlum Johnny C from Flashdance both spanks and fondles Alex's derriere, because he thinks he can do as he pleases in Mawby's bar. Johnny C gets his drink poured in his lap as a comeuppance.

Son in Law : After waking up and entering the kitchen, Crawl pinches an unsuspecting Becca on the butt.

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She jumps before sternly saying his name. The Way of the Gun : When Parker and Longbaugh enter the Mexican bordello with guns, the prostitutes all file out, and Longbaugh gives one of them a smack on the rear as she passes by.

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This was ad-libbbed by Benicio del Toro. The actress was reportedly not at all pleased by his improvisation.

She hates when he slap's her A$$ but hates when he doesn't Tiktok challenge

Before the final fight, the same technician accidentally spots Athena when she reacts in shock to the same gesture after stealing Achilles' uniform to take his place in the match. Sucker Punch : During the Storming the Castle fantasy sequence, the girls stack up before going through a doorway a practice used by police and military in Real Life before entering a potentially hostile room.

Rather than signaling her readiness to go through the door with the customary tap on the shoulder, Rocket instead elects to give Sweet Pea a very tactical smack on the butt. Given that they're sisters, this probably fits under "close camaraderie" rather than "flirtatious. Theopolis in Fido does this to his zombie slave girl as "reward" for picking up the newspaper. He was forced into early retirement for fraternalize too much with female zombies. Done in the first sequel of Revenge of the Nerds ; Nerds in Paradise by the manager of the Flamingo Hotel, Mr.

Buzz to Sunni the lead female character and Love Interest of The Hero although more in the sexual harassment field than flirting but that was the point. In the sci-fi parody GalaxinaSergeant Thor tries to slap the titular Robot Girl on the ass and gets an electric shock. John Wick: Chapter 2. When John Wick turns up for a meeting with Santino, his mute female enforcer gives Wick a thorough pat-down, then reaches between Wick's legs to grab his ass just to troll him.

The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood : When Robin leaves his cell disguised as Marian, the jailer gives him a cheeky pinch on the butt. Robin cannot react in any way without blowing his cover.

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Dead Again in Tombstone : When Boomer's gang takes over Alicia's saloon, Craven slaps Alicia on the ass as he sends her to the kitchen to fix his breakfast. Alicia visibly flinches when he does so, but otherwise cannot react. Gender-inverted in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot when a black Sexy Secretary grabs the behind of a metal worker while he's holding a welding torch.

Slap Her on the Booty Lyrics: You know what I'ma do, yeah / Slap her on the booty, slap her on the booty / Slap her on the booty, slap her on the booty / Lean got me woozy, lean got me woozy   About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Author: Im Petuss There are 60 lyrics related to Bend Her Over Smack Her Ass Pull Her Hair. Related artists: Smack, Hair jordan, Pull up unity, Over the rhine, Her bright skies, Her name in blood, Her name is calla, Her space holiday. Iggy Azalea - Dirt in your p**** ass b!tch (intro) lyrics

Death Race. One of the drivers does this to his female navigator, following a Male Gaze scene of them striding off a prison bus to appreciation of the watching inmates. When the heroes in Everworld run into the Amazons, it's mentioned they play grab-ass with David and Christopher Jalil having already been claimed by April, to his surprise.

One part of CARDINAL's chain of couriers in The Cardinal of the Kremlin is a woman who meets with a man who comes up behind her so she can't identify him to make their hand off. They have been doing this for several years and lately, he has been making a number of amorous physical touches such as gently pinching her rear en making her wonder what kind of lover her mysterious contact would be.

In Honor Harrington Paul does this to Honor while they are riding in an elevator.

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He manages to time it just before the elevator arrives so that she doesn't have time to get revenge before the doors open. The LawDog Files: African Adventures.

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During a military wedding, LawDog and his colleagues are forming the traditional Sabre Arch for the bride and groom, except LawDog decides to smack the bride on the behind with the flat of his sabre and say, "Welcome to the Cavalry! Floo by Andrew Vachss. When private eye Burke gets sassed by martial artist Floo he gets her to pick something up and smacks her while she's bent over, only her ass is so tight Burke just gets a sore hand. Later when Flood is in a more flirtatious mood she invites Burke to take another smack.

He cautiously does so and finds that Flood has somehow made her butt pleasantly bouncy. Live-Action TV. The Leverage episode "The Bank Shot Job" opens with the team on a job targeting a corrupt judge who is introduced by slapping the rear of a young woman. Upon finding out she's nineteen, he jokingly asks if she has a younger sister. Game of Thrones : In "Second Sons" season 3, episode 8Queen Daenerys meets with three officers of Second Sons, mercenaries hired by Yunkai, and she tries to bribe them to her side.

One of the captains makes lewd comments, says he and the Second Sons will all rape her and generally behaves like an asshole. When they leave the tent, he smacks Missandei on her butt. In season six finale, Walder Frey asks a serving girl, who is Arya Stark in a Faceless Men mask, if she's from his castle, to which she says no.

Walder then remarks "You pretty," then smacks her in the bum. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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has covered "Times when the athletic butt-slap is inappropriate. Web Animation. Hazbin Hotel : While singing " Inside of Every Demon is a Lost Cause ", Alastor gives one to Vaggie. Considering he's asexualit's almost certainly just to piss her off.

In the "Breach" episode of RWBYCoco gives Fox the "Good Game" variant of this. note At the time, fans saw it as a potential Ship Teasebut it was later confirmed that she's not into boys.

Nice hustle, Fox. In The Rock CocksClover gives Coral a pinch on the butt.

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Clover: Let me know if your cute butt needs a hand or two. All right, Mrs. Western Animation. Father of the Pride : In the Original Pilot, Sarmoti slaps a female co-star named Ginger on the butt.

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In "The Lost Tale," Lily gives one to him as a sign that she has humbled him. Bob's Burgers : In "Torpedo", Tina watches how baseball players smack one another's asses to encourage one another. She then decides to become their water boy, so she can smack them on the asses as well. At one point she says that she is in love with all of them at the same time. Star vs.

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the Forces of Evil has Janna do this to Marco in "Bon-Bon the Birthday Clown". Justice League : When Batman and Wonder Woman arrive on New Genesis in "Twilight", Lightray gives the latter a smack on the ass.

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Diana is not amused. Lol terrible response on my part I guess because I can't exactly figure out why. keepindigo Xper 5. And what is your reasoning behind it. And girls why do or do you not like slapping ass during sex?

Stream BEFORE I PUT IT IN I SMACK HER ASS, a playlist by User from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud. BEFORE I PUT IT IN I SMACK HER ASS by User published on TZ. Contains tracks. Polo G aka peterfields.netuch - Neva Cared [Remix] (Offical Audio) Shot By

And your reasoning. I like it but I was just wondering what other people ideas were about smacking "her" ass? Share Facebook. Why do guys like to smack a girl's ass during sex? Why do girls like slapping ass during sex?

Add Opinion. Crapshoot Xper 5. It's a crime of passion almost. You just get caught up in the moment and you want to do it to see how she's going to react.

Sometimes you do it just as an experiment to see what she likes and sometimes it's a male dominance thing. A lot of girls like it though in my experience as long as it's not too hard. Also, sometimes it's just part of rough sex, and you can't really be too conservative because then there's nothing really rough about it. I've had girls who love it when I pull their hair, slap their ass, even lightly choke them.

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Sometimes she just wants me to treat like just a piece of meat, she gets off on it, and I don't mind playing to her fantasy. There's always an extreme though. As of yet though, I haven't had to crack out the ball gag and whip for a girl.

I've thought about it and although it'd be awkward for me at first I think, if she was really into it I'd indulge her. I'd certainly never suggest it though, haha. Getting back to ass slapping I imagine she likes the fact that it's kinda taboo, or maybe she's even into the whole male dominance thing as well. Part of it is just the natural contrast between pain and pleasure, it just adds a lot of perspective.

Pleasure becomes a lot more pleasurable when directly compared the pain and it's not uncommon for people to actually respond positively when experiencing two extremes at the same time. It's like when you enjoy the taste of something that is both bitter and sweet, or you are soothed by menthol rub that feels both hot and cold. People even blatantly speak about it. When it's really hot, they wish they could just jump into the arctic ocean, when it's really cold all they can think about is spending a day in the desert.

No body wants to just find a place that's room temperature because it just wouldn't provide as much relief as the extreme.

  I slap her ass at the finish. I get punched in the face. Wrong time, wrong place. Science shows our body is a web of neurons, all connected. I slap my wife's ass during sex it lets her know that I'm enjoying myself, that I view her ass as a sexual part of her and that by slapping it, I want her to feel aroused and feel my arousal   With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Smacking Her Ass animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >   The Flirtatious Smack on the Ass trope as used in popular culture. Bob walks by Alice when Alice suddenly hops in place - she felt something grab her

Slapping a woman's ass during sex falls into the category of "time and place for everything. I slap her ass at the finish. I get punched in the face.

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Wrong time, wrong place. Science shows our body is a web of neurons, all connected. I slap my wife's ass during sex it lets her know that I'm enjoying myself, that I view her ass as a sexual part of her and that by slapping it, I want her to feel aroused and feel my arousal.

I want you to take off your Mary Jane's and be bad, and by being bad, be very, very good, and very, very safe. It's also an opportunity for her to offer something more to the experience show me you're into this without words, show me you desire me so much that you can barely contain yourself. You think you're dominating me?

Show me. Take it up a notch. Show me that man that no one else gets to enjoy this way and I will show you a woman that can do more than show you how Excel works, and that throwing puffed rice at a wedding is just wrong. Basically, slapping is just a way of saying I have an ass, you have a hand, you say you want to rock my world, let's see if you can. Time and place. Try nibbling your wife's ear in church and see how well that goes! Consensual, naughty, and three hours later she's telling you how nice the lawn looks and you're complimenting her on how nice she looks when she wears blue.

nanashi Xper 5. i have this done every time me and my boyfriend have sex i duno why he does it but I think it is really really hot at the time I'm not concentrating on the pain i just think its his way of letting me know he's having a GREAT TIME i don't know why some girls don't like it i LOVE a nice hard slap on my ass during sex it really gets me going.

Smack her on the ass

we even use that as a kind of signal when we are in a public place like if he's behind me and then slaps my ass that's his way of saying to me it was REALLY ROUGH but I don't like what people call the normal way to have sex I prefer rough all the way and he likes it too. as for the slap on the ass I LOVE IT! i think some girls don't like it because it involves pain Because he digging you Poonanay and it feels so gooood!

Not only that he beating them walls where a little smack makes you more aroused like a race horse when you smack it, it goes faster especiall if it got ass. I'm just saying and keeping it all the way 1, Forget what you heard, this is not a test. It is "baby the Vgina feels so good and vice-versa.

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If he don't tap that ass, he ain't loving you right. Str8 up. I am intellegent, educated, but let the truth be what it is. Shout out to all the men hitting it right.

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