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Bochs x86 PC emulator Brought to you by: bdenneycbothamypsyonsshwartsand 2 others. Make money. Has a doctor ever said "you know, you might want to try some natural cure, that's non addicting and costs pennies".

Of course not! Or "you know, I will prescribe exercising and a good diet".

No money to be made there! Instead I will get you addicted for the rest of your life so you can pay me or my pharmaceutical company the rest of your life! You don't get it. These people don't want these drugs because they need them. They want them because they want to get high. Rainy in AZ Let me ask a question.

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I have psoriatic arthritis and avascular necrosis in both shoulders, both hips and both knees. Because of this condition I have prosthetic joints in both shoulders, my left hip and right knee.

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My left knee is bone on bone and my right hip is not much better. You say to just "deal with it" and it will get better. While I completely agree that drug abuse is wrong and should not be tolerated, not everyone who asks for pain medication is doing so for kicks. So Rainy in AZ, what would you do if you were me and you wanted to be a contributing member of society? I am now 54 years old, and I have suffered from constant, recalcitrant depression since I was a child.

How do you explain that? Are you the shrink of the world, or are you just one of those people who "just know? I did say for people who do suffer from legitimate chronic pain, by all means do what you have to do to deal with it with meds.

Unfortunately I do have experience with depression. If I went to a doctor I'm positive I would have been diagnosed with clinical depression and would have got prescribed Xanax or something of that nature. I was in deep! Eventually, each time my brain righted itself.

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But I had to put an effort into getting out of it. Effort which seems alot of people do not want to do these days! It's easier to believe in a doctor giving you a pill for the cure. Instead of doing the hard work on your own. I know there are legitimate uses for these drugs, but they should not be a lifetime cure.

its not that easy-i have very very intense chronic back pain-ruptured disc, arthritis, muscle spams, -all you can think about is how much pain you have-it wears you out soooo much-interferes with life-i do take a painkiller-and i will readily take for the rest of my life if necessary-i hope i can have this problem "fixed" somehow-but yes everyone has pain but when it is sooooo bad you cant even think straight-have to have help-otc stuff does not help at all!!!!

i am very active, personal trainer, fitness instructor- when i exercise it helps sooo much BUT the body comes back to normal after a couple of hours-its especially difficult at night trying to sleep with all of this just throbbing sooo bad-so dont tell other people how to cope - let them decide how they and their doctor want to treat their problems!!!

this is most difficult also because of being so active most of my life-i feel like one day i might just crack in half-dont judge and dont tell people what to do! thank you. Because you don't know who's driving the car in the oncoming lane - straight at YOUR FAMILY. My body has been so used to pain meds, I can easily say I can drive very well with pain pills in my system.

It's when some idiot mixes it with alcohol that it becomes a problem. Actually if you were educated on the subject you'd be aware that most physicians are actually reluctant to prescribe chronic pain meds at all, and that physicians can be sued for both prescribing and not prescribing. The problem is weeding out the drug seekers from those truly in need of chronic pain medication. If you're wrong either way you can be sued or have your license in jeopardy.

Prescribe to a drug seeker and you're in trouble, don't prescribe to someone actually need and you're in trouble. You are an ignorant fool.

I have noticed your comments through out this thread. This is an old thread but i want this person's view erased from existence. People with real pain do not need some random fool pumping the comments full of poison and troll material. Your are killing more people than saving. Make pot legal, and no one will need these dangerous prescriptions.

Not saying people won't still abuse them, but I wouldn't touch them if I was allowed to have a toke. It's not the federal government. It's the chronic pain management clinics that write scrips for any drooling moron who claims he hurt his back while lifting a case of beer at the convenience store.

Could somebody tell me how many people die from marijuana overdose every year? Oh yeah I love how the doctor is recommending shoving another pill down your throat to get you unaddicted to the first pill they shoved down your throat. There will probably be a pill you have to take to mitigate the side effects of the pills that are getting you off the other pills. How about the number of people who are killed or kill someone else while operating a motor vehicle while they're impaired because the marijuana metabolites that have built up in their body keep them in a perpetual state of impairment.

That is the most ridiculous scare mongering nonsense about marijuana I've ever heard. It is simply not a fact They say it can keep you high all day or even longer. This is not true, marijuana only keeps you high for a few hours, and it is not right to think that a person who fails a drug test is always high on drugs, either.

These are the chemicals which stay in your fatty cells. There is almost no DeltaTHC left over a few hours after smoking marijuana, and scientific studies which measure the effects of cannabis agree with this fact. I take pain medication and I am not an addict.

apologise, but

My body is dependant on it but if necessary I could quit. But, if I did quit I would not be able to work. I need a knee replacement and I have a bad disk plus arthritis in my neck. I am 55 and I want to work but without pain meds it would now be impossible. I hate that so many doctors are painting everyone with the "addict" brush.

Dr Drew said that people should just "learn to live with their pain", I do live with it because the pain meds don't work that well, there are many hours during the day and night that I am not getting relief. If the meds get removed then I will be forced to get on disability, that is NOT something I want to do, I want to work and be productive.

My doctor is very careful and "tests" his patients to make sure that they are: taking the meds he prescribes and is not selling them and that they are not taking drugs he is NOT prescribing. This country always does a on everything, can't we please have some balance? Drew can suck it. He hasn't had to live with chronic pain. It's a horrible thing that I'd never wish on anyone. I take methadone everyday and I don't consider myself an addict. I don't ask for refills early, I don't go to the ER complaining of pain 3 times a week.

I take my medicine EXACTLY as prescribed. My pharmacist has never looked or treated my like an addict, because I don't call every 5 minutes wondering when I can have my meds Lots of cry babies who dont know how to handle their problems and they want the world to bend over backwards to cater to them.

Where do you get those statistics all knowing one? I haven't seen that study yet. I don't have it, but I know several other who do and they are most certainly not full of BS. Perhaps one day you will experience such a chronic "BS" disease and let us know what you think then! I have had Fibromyalgia for years. It is a very real painful disease.

I have never taken pain medication. I wake up each day hurting. The headaches, neck pain, swollen joints and having my muscles tighten up.

There are days I can barely walk. Top all this off with athritis. I can not work because of this but do not collect disability. People that find relief with pain medicine I say good for you. Your quality of life is a lot more important. To those people that put those on pain medications down I guarantee they don't have to live with chronic pain. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I am no doctor,but used to be heavily addicted to opioid pain meds and have read a ton of literature on alternatives to narcotic pain meds. You should research and consider trying the amino acid DLPA. I personally use it for a shoulder and neck injury that has left me with chronic pain.

As well as tapering off a mg oxy habit yes i abused them heavily,for two years It has worked pretty damn well, I can at least function throughout the day.

for explanation. did

And for being non toxic,non addictive, and only 10 bucks from most vitamin shops i couldnt be happier with the results. But regarding Fibromyalgia, I have read A TON of success stories from people suffering from arthritis as well as Fibromyalgia and using DLPA as an alternative treatment,or along with there prescription meds. DLPA has great anti inflammatory properties, and it actually has been shown to boost your natural endorphins.

I wont get into the chemistry of all this, but it is very effective for many people. My mother in law suffers from debilitating arthritis for years and has tried everything with no or poor results. After my recommendation and talking with her doc, she gave it a shot. After one week she could feel results, after a month she was moving around like I never seen her do before.

She swears by it. I do not want to get anyones hopes up, but it has worked great for me. Ps, if you do try it, make sure you have ample B6 and vit C in your diet, or supplement it, otherwise it is not effective. And TALK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before starting it.

It can interfere with some meds. Lastly I should mention, For anyone on any opiate, oxy, hydros, methadone, sub, etc, I have read many testimonials of people being able to cut their normal dose by a third when introducing DLPA into their treatment. Reason being, DLPA is thought to work by destroying the enzyme that "kills" your brains natural pain killers, endorphins. In turn, releasing more of your own endorphins and being able to reduce the outside source. I personally used it while one Suboxone, which I was on for a year, and was able to drop from 8mg a day to 4mg, there was obviously some discomfort, but not nearly as much my as past attempts.

And I eventually tapered to nothing. Some placebo effect, probably. But I can say without a doubt in my mind that it helped and continues to help me. David Seriously David, did you even read the statement that Elm was replying to? It had nothing to do with the drug-induced death statistics. You have posted the same statement you posted here all over the comments.

Is someone paying you to do this? I also want to point out to you that the those drug-induced statistics you keep quoting include ALL prescription medication NOT just prescription painkillers AND illegal drugs combined.

Accoring to the CDC, the number of prescription narcotic related deaths in was "nearly 15,". As a person who has worked in the treatment of prescription addictions, I believe that a lionshare of the responsibility falls on doctors.

I encountered hundreds during my career who were unnecessarily prescribed substances that are chemical equivalents to heroin. Prescription of addictive drugs for whatever reason - be it anxiety, pain, depression - has gotten out of hand.

There needs to be more education for the doctors so that they know the potential damage they could be doing just writing a scrip. There is no reason to prescribe Percocet or Oxycontin for a simple oral surgery, and there is no reason to prescribe xanax for daily nervousness, just like there is no reason to cut off a man's arm if he breaks his wrist.

There needs to be more comprehensive education about directly proportional treatments for the most common day-to-day ailments. I think that education should start with YOU suffering from an extremely painful disease, post surgery, or permanent injury.

Tell us then how unnecessary pain medicine is. It's ALWAYS "The Dr got me addicted to pills", NEVER "The Dr gave me a prescription for a few pain pills, and I LIKED THEM and asked for more As long as my patients dont take too many laxatives then theres no proble.

Anderson P00PER is the worst though. YEAH NEVER MIND THAT IT IS THE SYNTHETIC DRUG THAT KILL MOST OFTEN. Perhaps if you could spell, used punctuation, and didn't type all in caps you could be more convincing. It's pretty hard to make an argument that you are citing solid scientific evidence when you can't express your point coherently. Instead, this comment conjures up images of a ranting, strung-out drug addict When one takes pain medications for example, 10MG Percocets - let's say for two weeks - by the end of the 2nd week, the medication does NOT have the same effect that it did the first time they took it because their tolerance naturally built up over this time.

If they have taken pain medications for longer than that which undoubtedly most of them havethey are clearly aware of the fact that their tolerance builds up eventually to the point where the pain medications no longer have an effect on them to the extent where it alleviates their pain.

A pain patient who has initially takes 10mg of Oxycodone, which their doctor then bumps up to 30mg of oxycodone once the 10mg no longer have an effect, will eventually also build up a tolerance to the 30mg of oxycodone to the point where it no longer alleviates their pain. I know this from experience, as I have dealt with chronic kidney stones for years - an illness which virtually all doctors I've ever spoken to agree is the most painful thing that any man can or will ever experience anyone who has had kidney stones agree with me wholeheartedly, and those who haven't had them are clueless to the level of pain they cause but if educated about them are aware of the pain they cause.

After taking 30mg of oxycodone consistently for a month, it barely has an effect on the pain. The doctor can then increase it to a higher dose, and the same thing will eventually happen. Therefore, those claiming they are legitimate pain patients are deliberately ignoring this plain and simple fact. They know very well that their pain medications will no longer have an effect after they take them for a given amount of time, usually a month or two, at longest.

As a result, they are addicts who have to keep taking the pain medications in order to ensure that they do not go through withdrawal symptoms, which I cannot blame them for, because it is one of the most horrific physical and psychological experiences that any human being can or will ever go through, and my sorrow goes out to anyone who has experienced them. However, no "legitimate pain patients" can argue that their pain is alleviated by painkillers after taking them for months or even years; they clearly know they are lying - the human body will always build up a tolerance to them to the point where they no longer have any effect.

They claim they are "legitimate pain patients" so that they are not viewed by others or in some cases, themselves as an addict. Johnny, you're a hypocrit. According to you the only legitimate pain is kidney stones. I mean really? So the 78 year old woman is a junky and your not? If you say so. Go talk to the Kidney Stone Committee. I always enjoy someone telling me how to feel or to admit to something when I don't need to. I have had Kidney Stones and I can't argue with the pain that it causes, I have only experienced it twice.

But I was also Injured 15 years ago, caused damage to my shoulder that was Surgically repaired and Nerve damage to my back Sciatic Nerve that cannot be repaired. I was told by Doctors to " Live with the Pain " of the Sciatic Nerve.

I did for several years, until I injured my back again. I was put on Vicodin and as what normally happens, became dependent. I took myself off of Vicodin and tried Acupuncture, Bio Feedback and Herbal to no avail.

Pain increased but I tried to tolerate it. and as a few years went by re injured my back again. By now I had deterioration of the disks plus the increase in nerve pain. If I wanted to work I had to go on Pain Meds and Relaxers, I had a good Dr. by then and found something that worked for me. I stayed on the same Dosage of Oxycontin for over 4 years until I changed to a different Pain Medication 2 years ago.

I had moved and changed Dr's while prescribed the Oxy. and never changed dosage except for no meds for 2 months due to Insurance change I have a Pain Man. who doesn't believe in being completely pain free. The point being that you have to take responsibility along with your Doctor, I have been asked if I need my dosage raised, but I have put this off as much as possible, because you are right, Where does it end?

I am not pain free, but my pain is tolerable and that is no different than before I was first injured. I was always pulling muscles working or working out or lifting something heavy. I have had to change my lifestyle due to my injuries. But I don't need to keep getting larger doses of pain medication either. When I get to the point that this medication doesn't work I will change the Medication, not the Dosage. It's about awareness, not ignorance. I don't agree with this at all.

Yes, a person can build up a tolerance to regular pain medication, but I in no way want painkillers to avoid going into withdrawl.

In fact, I literally try to ration the paid meds and only take them on the worst days. They don't always work or do anything. And I've also read things about how opiates can change your brain chemistry to the point of stop making natural endorphins? I don't want any of that! I want to be a functional, viable, productive person with quality of life. The kind of constant chronic pain I am living with is so awful and it's not like some days are better than others or like an occasional migraine but then you get okay times I'm living biting on pens or chewing on paper towels to try to find relief what kind of life is that at least a pain med sort of blocks the pain so I can go about my life.

In the mean time, I am doing everything in my power to address the causes of the pain that is what I want to fix, not prolonged pain medication.

I just hate that it is the only thing that helps at times and I'm treated like some addict to get it. Johnny you are confusing addiction with physical dependence. Addiction defined by behaviors such as continuing to use despite negative consequences, lying or conning to get more of their substance of choice, cravings and obsessions with the substance.

That's addiction, dependence is when our body needs a substance to feel normal. If dependence meant addiction we would all be addicted to air and water. To Johnny and all those that believe tolerance stops pain killers from working as well in 2 weeks, You don't know what you're talking about.

I have been taking 2- 7. Fractured and displaced many ribs, collarbone, back, pelvis and hand. I was originally prescribed Percocet after getting out of the hospital. After 90 days I had healed nearly as much as I was ever going to but, was still in incredible pain, mainly from displaced scapular fracture, partially disintegrated and missing, back and pelvis. Went on Vicodin at the time 4x a day, shortly after had cut back to 2 a day.

At that level I never developed tolerance and it works just fine 13 years later. I don't try to get rid of all my pain, they would have to put me in a coma to accomplish that. One thing I can't understand is why they take people off hydrocodone and put them on a worse drug, methadone. If the worst pain you can imagine is a kidney stone you don't have any business talking about pain to people that know real pain. I do agree it's unfortunate that so many people ruin it for real pain patients.

Think, that shay laren fuck anal think

I hope you self righteous go through life without knowing what real pain is, you're going to look pretty silly if you ever get hurt bad. If and when you get hurt real bad, I bet you will take more than 2 pain pills a day.

I could be on much stronger pain med, I choose to stay on 2 hydrocodone a day so tolerance doesn't develop. So far it has worked out just fine. Gupta states in his article; "Every 19 minutes someone dies because of misuse of prescription medications.

I would like to know if this figure includes incorrect prescriptions written by doctors, i.

matchless message

the wrong medication for a specific problem. I personally know of many more people who have been affected by incorrect medications prescribed by doctors than over dosing on the correct medication. I only have one functioning kidney. LOL, are you employed by one of those ambulance-chasing law firms?

Nice attempt to hijack the article and comments for your own agenda.

exact answer

This article talks about how overuse of prescription meds is a dangerous trend on the rise, and somehow you manage to question whether this includes doctors making mistakes in their prescribing.

Not saying that it doesn't happen, but it's completely ridiculous to believe that this is in any way accounting for a significant proportion of the pain med overdoses that are happening out there. I love how you cite that you don't know that many people that have overdosed Maybe cuz they've overdosed In other words, not alive to tell you about it. Pack up the agenda and take it with you To prolong life is to prolong the inevitable.

Either all pharmaceutical and "legal" drugs should be reclassified as Illegal or all drugs should be legal. There's no debate. Pharmaceutical drugs have caused more death then alcohol and cigarettes and yet they are sold at the highest prices and are legal, then comes Alcohol which kills, cigarettes which kill - why are they legal?

These two drugs alone have killed far more people statistically than marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined! Either make it all legal, or make everything illegal.

Don't prolong the inevitable any longer! i don't need or take pain pills i broke a bone it don't hurt at all no joke but i need my meds if not i can not eat any food but was told no to my meds if they are not generic meds but i can not take generic meds they make me sick as a dog but no is the replay i get so what now i can not pay for my meds do not have the money to pay for them so what NOW.

I am not sure where the good Dr gets his facts but I think that 1.

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There are that many pill heads in my state. I truly do not understand this whole addiction thing particularly with alcohol and some drugs. It is definitely hard to wean oneself off of different drugs, even antidepressants but it is doable. I know a lot of people who have stopped cold turkey after decades of heavy drinking and smoking, and there are those who can stop slowly. Although I don't dispute there are people who become chemically dependant but why does rehab work for many?

Actually rehab doesn't work for many. Oh their "statistics" will tell you it does because they don't count anyone who leaves the programs or gets kicked out.

that interfere

They only count the people who graduate and then they don't even do a follow up to see if they stay of their substance of choice. Same with the 12 step groups and talk therapy. That's the treatment industry's dirty little secret. If you don't believe me look it up in google scholar. I have a friend who is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and has become extremely addicted to pain medication. He has disconnected from his family and stopped fighting his disease. In order for any sort of treatment to work, I know that the patient has to want it to work.

What resources are there out there for people with terminal illness who are prescription drug addicts? How can my friend get help when he is not willing to help himself? Doctors get commissions for writing prescriptions. That is how drug companies pushed their drug products. I forgot to add that it's really the pharmacies that make the higher commissions, by "pushing" generics or an expensive "brand name drug".

No, but they are paid for the repeated visits over the years by their patients to adjust their dosage, upwards of course as dependency and tolerance develop. What a gig.

Hook em on drugs and then you have a patient for life, or until they overdose. Doctors do not get commissions and pharmacies don't either. Doctors can however get paid to speak about a medication. Does anyone else find it ironic that our plan to solve addiction due to the over-medication of Americans not with therapy, but with MORE medication? This is exactly why I will not take ANY meds unless I feel my life depends on it. Not worth the side effects.

No, I don't find it ironic at all and had you read the article above you would have known why - therapy does not work because addiction is a brain disease! Addiction is not a drug problem, it's a brain problem and most need medication to treat that brain problem.

It's really no different than any other brain disease. Nobody would argue that we should treat bi-polar disease another brain disease with talking. It requires medication to treat the symptoms and allow the patient to live a normal life. Using Suboxone or methadone for addiction is no different.

It doesn't cure addiction but just like with the bi-polar patients it treats the symptoms - compulsions, cravings and obsessions - which allows the patient to live a normal life. It actually works very well.

Miller I think that's a load of crap. If you believe in the medical model of brain disorders, then you're basically saying medicine can fix everything and you're throwing in the the: I'm sad. It's okay there is a pill for that. My father was a psychologist. And like him, I believe that behavioral problems, like taking an assload of pills that make you feel good, is most definitely correlated to a problem in your life and not a chemical problem in your head.

The medical model makes drug companies billions of dollars a year and has a volley of sickening side effects. I would think "talking it out" or therapy would be a much more natural approach to solving the problem.

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And yes, it works for many people and has for a very long time. It's only in the last 50 years, that we've stepped away from traditional therapy and leaned towards a quick fix aka the Mcdonaldization of America.

Bree think of how alcoholism in America relates to Alcoholism in France.

thanks. Clearly

In America, the rates are high among younger age groups vs lower in France. It literally boils down to wanting what you can't have. I believe if the opiate piplines and cocaine piplines and amphetamine pipelines were opened full swing you would see an inital increase of drug use, followed by a dramatic decrease in drug use prevalence across the country. We are human beings, we are all subjectively experiencing a similar reality.

We shouldn't get to tell a group of people what they can or can not do. Especially when that group is 1. If you've never used drugs recreationally, you shouldn't get an opinion on legislation related to it.

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It makes no sense, all the do-gooders and christians that think they know what's best for everyone else. I'm always amazed at how ALCOHOL and cigarettes are always left out of these stories Its a well know fact that ALCOHOL and cigs are NOT a prescribed drugs sold for pain relief YET they are the most abused drugs out there and readily available to anyone with the means and money to purchase them LEGALLY or illegally! People who take these drugs in therapeutic doses don't have problems.

The problem like with alcohol or any Rx drug is abuse. Be responsible for your actions and don't blame doctors with good intentions. its an unfortunate reality. Josh, regardless of the stigma around pain meds, why be self conscious about something that you believe improves your quality of life? who gives a damn. you shouldnt. I'm a recovering addict and I can say Suboxone is a miracle!

It's such a godsend, it forces me to deal with my self control issues by finding a way to deal with cravings that isn't using drugs. It blocks my opiate receptors while binding strongly to them, meaning that I don't withdrawal but if I want to get high on other opiates, I can't. It doesn't give you a rush when you take it so you don't even feel high though I know it has an effect.

This, combined with therapy and drug testing has been wonderful. My dr. is letting me ween off at my own pace, too. Sometimes I wish he'd force me to cut down but overall, it's best if I decide when, I know I'll have to sooner or later but cutting down on my own while having my normal dosage in front of me helps my self control. This article hit on something important that I tend to forget though. I am on a high powered opiate, though it doesn't feel like it. I just had my birthday and had to remember not to get drunk.

My doctor doesn't want me to drink at all but I figured he was worried about cross addiction. My family had to remind me that I shouldn't drink because of the double depressant thing If you have a problem with opiates, please, ask your doctor for a referral to a sub doc.

It's an easy process but you have to be willing to get clean. I've been completely clean for 10 months and I'm so happy to be getting over my addiction. Wow, I mean, really. I quit drinking and drugging cold turkey. I went to meetings and therapy for years. The old timers didn't have all these crutches, They had to get honest with themselves. That's it. Darryl, I'm so happy that Suboxone has worked so well for you.

I know it has worked wonders for a lot of people. I tried it and it didn't work well for me because of the extremely uncomfortable side effects it gave me but fortunately methadone worked very well instead and I've been clean for 8 years. I've been quite active in the MAT community since I've been clean and I've learned a few things.

So based on that I would strongly discourage you to start tapering your Suboxone this early in treatment. There are a number of studies that back this up. The longer you are in treatment the better and there is no rush to get off.

A lot of people are on Suboxone for many years. I wonder what you will think of suboxone when you decide to jump off of it. I was on suboxone for 2 years and I decided to get off of it.

Went to a detox and finished the rest at home. I didn't sleep for 11 days, have never felt the same since really getting off of opioids, suboxone included.

Suboxone has the most miserable withdrawals out of any prescription drug on this planet, and I hate people like you that advertise it as a miracle drug! Its not a miracle drug, it makes things worse and I wish I would have just went to rehab and suffered from Percocet addiction before going to suboxone. It wouldn't have been as hard on me. I bet your the type that tells people your sober now! hahah, what a ie.

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Porn star August Ames hung herself in December at age of (Twitter) Porn actresses Turi Luv, 31, and Shyla Stylez, 35, have also died. Porn stars Shyla Styles (left) and Turi Luv (right Diane Stafford: , @kcstarstafford. 1 of 4. Doors at the former Robeson Middle School in south Kansas City have been shuttered since Diane Stafford [email protected] Comments See a list of all of the Official Weather Advisories, Warnings, and Severe Weather Alerts for San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines

Her luscious toned legs and petite Director: Viv Thomas Stars: Penny FlameKylie KnoxEvelyn LorySilvia Saint. Based in the future, the world as we know it has been destroyed. Menacing gangs ravage and loot the cities and towns searching for new members.

Follow the Actiongirls each week in their Director: Scotty Jx Stars: Silvia SaintZuzka LightSilvie ThomasMartina Fox. Jessica is young and confused. She doesn't understand the strange feelings she has had for her older sister. It's more than a simple admiration, she feels an overwhelming love for her. Director: Viv Thomas Stars: Penny FlameKylie KnoxSilvia SaintMonica Sweet.

Do you like kissing? Do you like watching girls kiss? Do you sometimes like watching girls kiss more than getting down and munching hairless muff in a cold, automated way? This film has got Director: Viv Thomas Stars: Eve AngelCameron CruzPenny FlameHenrietta. Director: Frank Thring Stars: Liliane TigerTera Bon Jennifer StoneGina B. Votes: 7. Director: Christoph Clark Stars: AvrilKyra BanksMandy BrightBrenda Brown.

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