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So according to Professor Bradley R. The term Shut the Fuck up was invented by Bradley just a few minutes ago. It means to shut be quiet the the fuck up fuck upwards. By Fuck upwards he means just that. Fuck have sex upwards.

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Shut the fuck up and

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How to shut the fuck up (OP) So according to Professor Bradley R. Christoffersen, the discord user "Derykian" needs to Shut the Fuck Up. The term Shut the Fuck up was invented by Bradley just a few minutes ago. It means to shut (be quiet) the (the) fuck up (fuck upwards). By Fuck upwards he means just that. Fuck (have sex) upwards

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We all are. The only good you will ever do for humanity is refusing to participate in it.

12 examples of shut the fuck up in a sentence- how to use it in a sentence. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. sentences. thesaurus "But in the meantime, shut the fuck up and listen" "Dude, shut the fuck up for a second" "I went to shut the fuck up technical institute" Shut the Fuck Up! Lyrics: I gotta get over shit, waste of time / Never fall in love again, nobody's mine / I just wanna smoke, write some songs / I won't go out, I just wanna be alone, on my own Be Quiet and Shut the Fuck Up: Directed by Chris Anthony. With Sharon Dyall, Roine Soderlundh. A couple in love have just gotten the key for their new house. But the same day that they are supposed to move in, she gets cold feet and breaks up the relationship

You can take a vow of silence, join a monastery, you can even just be a mime! Mimes are fun.

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But you kinda know that what I'm saying is true already don't you? You understand that you really should shut the fuck up, why do you keep speaking?

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I'm genuinely curious. Why do you think you deserve to be heard?

Did you think that I was, Talking to myself and that this whole rant was actually directed at me? It's literally just directed at you. I was practicing to tell you to Shut the Fuck up.

Shut the fuck up. Ooh, that one was good. The core of what I'm getting at is that you are not a worthwhile person.

You are not worth listening to. Everything you've said has been said before more eloquently and more coherently.

shut the fuck up rude slang 1. Be quiet; stop speaking. Would you shut the fuck up already? I'm sick of hearing you complain. A: "I'm just saying, if you hadn't wasted so much time this morning-" B: "Shut the fuck up, Bill. Seriously, you're not helping." 2. An exclamation of surprise or disbelief. A: "You're not going to believe this, but I just won Hint, hint: the "you need to shut the fuck up" is at the very end !This is from Penn & Teller: Bullshit! S01E11 "Eat This!"You're welcome.I do not lega Here's a composite of the faces of everybody who wants you to shut the fuck up. It seems as if this is a composite of every human being on the planet. Interesting. Now for a composite of the faces that want you to keep talking: Interesting, it seems as if nothing has happened. Here's the world map. Now here's the text: Shut the fuck up

And it's not that everything has been said we still need people to have discourse in order to say new things and discover new things about ourselves and humanity but you, you will never be those people so shut the fuck up. Jreg Wiki Explore. Main Page Discuss All Pages Community Recent Blog Posts. Popular pages.

Thought differently, shut the fuck up and apologise

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