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She performs a manicure or pedicure on the spot, sitting on a plastic stool by the side of the street.

Three years ago, when she arrived from the countryside, Uy had a different plan. She wanted to open a hair and beauty salon on proper premises in the Cambodian capital.

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The man was a police general who frequented the beer garden where Uy worked as a kitchen help, she says. He bought Chamnan for six days and nights. He installed her in a hotel room on Phnom Penh's outskirts and visited her many times to have sex.

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She was allowed to call her mother once a day. By the third day, Uy recalls, Chamnan was so weak and distressed that the man summoned a doctor on his payroll to give her painkillers and a vitamin shot "so she had the strength to keep going until the end of the week". Uy received cash payment in full, but her planned salon never materialised. The money that had represented a life-changing sum - equivalent to around five years' salary in her home village in Kandal province - soon trickled away.

After she'd paid her sick husband's medical bills, given cash to her ageing parents and bought Chamnan a gold necklace to "raise her spirits", there wasn't much left.

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Uy had greatly underestimated the task of clawing her way out of hardship; her stricken expression as she talks suggests she also miscalculated the personal costs of selling her daughter's body to try. Where to begin unravelling the shadowy, painful layers of Uy and Chamnan's story? It is not straightforward. Often overlooked by more dramatic tales of enslavement in brothels, the trade in virgins is one of the most endemic forms of sexual exploitation in Cambodia. It is a market sustained by severe poverty and ingrained gender inequality.

Its clients are influential Cambodian men and other members of Asia's elite who enjoy total impunity from a corrupt justice system. Most misunderstood of all, many of those involved in the transactions are not hardcore criminals. They are mothers, fathers, friends and neighbours.

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Cambodia is far FROM the only place where women and girls are treated as commodities. But in this country of 15 million people, the demand for virgins is big business that thrives due to cultural myth and other local factors. The belief that sex with virgins increases male vigour has long held sway among powerful men in Asia, including Chairman Mao and North Korea's Kim dynasty.

Parents who sell their daughters' virginity have little concept of child rights. Based on Licadho's work inside communities, Pung estimates that "many thousands" of virgins aged between 13 and 18 are sold every year. As well as rich Cambodians, men from countries such as China, Singapore and Thailand are regular buyers, too. The lack of hard figures is partly due to the trade's secrecy, Meldrum adds.

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Brokers operate underground, changing tactics and locations often. Plus the fact that close relatives are often involved means it rarely fits into strict definitions of sex trafficking - when people are tricked or abducted and sold into open-ended slavery - so it doesn't show up in those statistics either.

But there's another reason the trade is virtually invisible. Says Licadho's Pung: "In terms of activism, few organisations highlight virgin buying even though it's a devastating abuse of young women.

Licadho is one of the exceptions. That moral complexities are sometimes ignored by those purporting to help was sensationally underscored in late May.

Somaly Mama self-styled former sex slave and Cambodia's most famous anti-trafficking campaigner, was forced to resign in disgrace from the US-based foundation that bears her name.

The glamorous Mam boasted Hollywood actor Susan Sarandon and Facebook dynamo Sheryl Sandberg among her top supporters. She was feted widely in the media.

On the back of heartbreaking stories about herself and Cambodian women under her wing, she raised millions of dollars at glitzy New York galas. Her downfall came after an investigation by a Cambodia Daily reporter revealed that significant parts of the stories she told were untrue.

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One young woman whom Mam claimed to have rescued from a brothel after a vicious pimp gouged out her right eye had actually lost the eye, it emerged, as the result of a facial tumour. Mam's own story of woe - that she was orphaned and sold to a brothel at the age of 12 - was also dismantled. The awful irony of Mam's rapid fall is that she didn't need to lie.

Sex trafficking and exploitation exist in Cambodia, just often in less made-for-TV ways than her tragic tales suggested. Brothels in red-light areas housing enslaved child prostitutes, for example, have been almost wiped out over the past decade.

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Dishonesty aside, the greatest pitfall of her fraudulence was not so much that it misrepresented the scale of the problem. It was that it misrepresented the solutions. In promoting herself - and allowing others to do it for her - as a survivor single-handedly rescuing girls from evil predators, she made finding answers seem all too easy. But in the case of the virgin trade, he says, progress is hard. Pung agrees.

But there are many interwoven social factors. You have to look at the whole picture.

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At Vannith Uy's HOME, a dark, wide room that she rents for ?10 a week at the back of a grander house, she tells me about her struggle to find work when she first arrived in Phnom Penh. Her husband had a back injury and she had two children, Chamnan and a younger son, to support.

The capital overflows with rural migrants, all competing for the same menial jobs. I found Chamnan a job serving ice at the same place.

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Beer gardens are fairy-lit outdoor pubs where local men go to relax after work. In the evenings all over Phnom Penh, the sound of plaintive Khmer love songs leaks into the darkness, feedback and all, from their giant speakers. The gardens employ miniskirted young women to sell competing brands of Cambodian beer or to work as hostesses and sing karaoke. The decor at one popular place is a disconcerting mix of beer posters and Pooh Bear murals.

Uy hated the atmosphere, which she says became more drunken and predatory as the night wore on.

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They made comments about her body. Brokers also frequent the gardens, touting for men who want to buy virgins or have other "special requests", which they arrange to take place at discreet locations.

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Uy says the thought of selling Chamnan's virginity hadn't occurred to her until the opportunity arose. He came alone and asked her to sit beside him. One evening he asked me if she was a virgin, and said he wanted to buy her.

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Uy eventually agreed because, in her mind, she saw it as a chance to save Chamnan from becoming drawn into regular sex work. All the girls who worked there seemed to do it eventually. Economic opportunities are lacking for everyone in Cambodia, where three-quarters of the population lives below or just above the poverty line.

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But they are especially dire for women, who earn an average of only 27 cents for every dollar earned by a manaccording to the Asian Development Bank. Apart from working in the fields, the vast garment industry is the biggest source of female employment.

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But wages are so pitiful at around ?60 per month that workers are currently risking their lives in protests to fight for more. Working in a beer garden or karaoke bar and doing sex work on the side can bring in double that, and some women see it as their best option. Hard: With Natalia Lage, Julio Machado, Martha Nowill, Denise Del Vecchio. A recent widow learns her deceased husband was in the porn production business and   Virginity for sale: inside Cambodia's shocking trade. On the margins of the sex industry, an ugly market in virginity has emerged in Cambodia in which rich and powerful men coerce desperate

But sex work is not only criminalised under the law, leaving those who do it by choice or lack of it vulnerable to official abuse, it also brings deep social shame. Expectations of female chastity in Cambodia are enshrined in a code of duty and obedience known as chbab sreyor "women's law". If you drop cloth, the stain never comes out. This absurd double standard is another reason virginity is so valued, of course. Top cast Edit. Natalia Lage Sofia Costa as Sofia Costa. Julio Machado Marcello Mastroduro Marcelo Pereira as Marcello Mastroduro Marcelo Pereira.

Martha Nowill Lucia as Lucia. Denise Del Vecchio Margot Vieira as Margot Vieira. Fernando Alves Pinto Pierre as Pierre. Nathalia Falcao Violeta Costa Vieira as Violeta Costa Vieira. Pedro Konop Julio Costa Vieira as Julio Costa Vieira.

Brunna Martins Juju as Juju. Natalia Dal Molin Shana as Shana. Maite Schneider Andreia as Andreia.

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Did you know Edit. Trivia Remake of the French series of the same name. User reviews 4 Review.

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