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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. You can temporarily switch back to a Classic Literotica experience during our ongoing public Beta testing. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I couldn't believe it. There peeping into my personal stuff was my little sister. Not just her but her little friend as well. I shouldn't've been surprised though, Samantha had always did what ever she wanted as well as getting what she always wanted.

Samantha was here for the summer wanting to explore the big city. I work in an Ad agency working my way through life. I also enjoy a kinky sex life in that I like dominating women and sissy boys.

I'm an attractive raven haired woman with nice curves. My breasts are 34b's with long dark nipples. My best features are my legs and firm round ass. I stand 5'7" and love wearing 4" high heels whenever I can. My skin is creamy white and my lips are pouty full. I have been told I make a great Betty Page. Samantha is 21 bratty about 5'5" tanned blonde with those little girl big brown eyes that she uses to get her way. Samantha is lazy yet has this gorgeous firm girl next door type of body and look.

So there was Samantha and her friend looking through my photo album showing my kinky side. The two were on the floor of my bedroom giggling and laughing.

Brittany was in heaven. She was writhering and moaning and came almost instantly but kept grinding harder and harder down on my little sister's face and mouth. Samantha had stopped complaining and resisting and sucked that pussy like she hadn't eaten in days. "Look at my slut sister," I laughed, "She sucks pussy like a born dyke." Jennifer is a very loving sister My sister moves in with me on one condition Alice tells her mom about her brothers' inappropriateness An unwanted early morning wakeup Alice's brother won't leave her alone. and other exciting erotic stories at! Anal Addict Sister discovers the joys of analsex with brother's help. Fooled into Bed with My Sister A prank accidentally goes too far. Sis's Anal Awakening My sis finds out she likes butt stuff, and I

Making stupid comments. I had not been heard and I stood there watching the two for a moment. Finally I let them know I was home. The two jumped to high heaven as I spooked the two with my loud scolding tone. Samantha did her usual routine of trying to make excuses as to why they were looking through my stuff.

I moved closer to the two and saw they had also pulled some of my clothing and toys from under my bed. You haven't changed one bit you little twat.

The girl looked to Samantha "Get up. On shaking legs the girl nervously began to stand.

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My breath was taken back as she stood. Beautiful red hair, big almond shaped brown eyes. Lips I wanted to bite and kiss right then and there. Her face was beautiful. She was the drop dead gorgeous type. Brittany was about 5'4" and her body was lithe and toned.

Both Samantha and Brittany wore shorts and tight t-shirts with bikini tops revealed through the white t-shirts. I can see that my pictures excited you didn't they? Her face was flushed and I could smell her fear and I was going to take advantage of this moment. I went closer to her and stood almost on top of her.

I bet you'd like to be in those pictures. Samantha made a move to grab Brittany and I back-handed her knocking her to the floor. I went and closed and locked my bedroom door.

I then went back to Brittany. I saw Samantha's lip bleeding and her face was red.

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I laughed and moved over to Brittany and kissed her. And then I would press on, slowly gaining the next inch as her anus loosened and sucked me deeper.

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She was so hot and tight it almost hurt, but every bit of me that was inside her was experiencing a pleasure I had never known before. Alana moaned and groaned and grunted, indicating the struggle, but also the ecstasy she was feeling as I slipped my thick cock further and further into her body.

Occasionally she would revert to uncontrolled breathing, almost hyperventilating, as she experienced satisfaction so great that she simply couldn't handle it. She said it was like having small, full body orgasms. After what seemed like an hour, I was finally inside her to the hilt. Rather than fucking right away, I just stayed like that, letting her body get to used to me and my size.

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Alana reached down and grabbed my sagging balls again, then pulled them forward and began rubbing them against her clit. Her ass clenched me tightly in response, squeezing so hard at times that I feared my cock might become pulverized, but I was loving every second. After a minute of this attention I pulled back, she released my testicles, and I began to fuck her.

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At first the thrusts were slow, as she was still trying to relax enough to accommodate my size. But soon I found a rhythm, and I speeded things up. She was still very hot and very tight, and after the wild night we'd just had, which should have left me spent, I was already having to concentrate to keep myself from cumming too soon. Alana cried out with each thrust as I became bolder and fucked her harder, pushing so deep that my hips bounced off her perfect ass and jolted her whole body.

Her hanging tits bounced back and forth, and sometimes I could hear them gently slap against the side of the counter she leaned on. But even this wasn't enough, and so I took hold of my sister's hips and began pulling her to me as I fucked into her, pounding her hard and fast over and over, forcing Alana to cry out in exquisite pleasure.

Keep fucking me. Harder, baby. Oh shit, yes! Fuck your big sister, Gavin! Fuck me! Even when she wasn't forming words, Alana was still making sounds as I rammed into her ass with all my might.

Grunting, my head spinning, I became aware of how hot my entire body was getting.

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I was drenched not just with sweat, but from the humidity in the room from the hot shower that still sprayed behind us. A cloud was growing and filling the room, enveloping us as our bodies grew slippery and slapped wetly together. Alana's hair was getting soaked from this treatment as well, and her blonde locks stuck against her face and back as she bucked against me. Breathing became harder in the heat, and so we were panting and gasping even more than the fucking alone was requiring us to.

I rubbed my hands over my sister's slick, wet ass, then moved them up, around her hips and sides, finally stopping on her huge, dripping breasts. With both of my hands full of soft yet firm flesh and the hard nipples palmed, I massaged Alana's tits as I pulled her body up from her bent over position.

I moved her so her back was against my chest, and I continued to fuck her in the ass, driving in so hard that I lifted her off her feet on every thrust. She screamed with approval, then reached behind herself to put her hands on me anywhere she could reach; my ass, my back, my shoulders, and finally my head.

Alana craned her neck and guided me to turn mine so we could kiss over her shoulder. Though it was impossible to kiss full on like normal at this angle, we did manage to find enough of each other's lips and tongues to satisfy. And yet we still wanted more, so our tongues went out of control, probing for anything to lick-lips, cheeks, ears. I placed one hand on her face to make sure she didn't turn away as I finally got my lips wrapped around her hot little tongue and sucked it in deeply. Alana fucked my mouth with her tongue while she put her hand on the one tit I wasn't holding and began tweaking her own nipple.

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I could suck on that cock forever. My little brother's cock. Don't stop fucking my ass, though, little brother. Suddenly I felt movement, and though the cloud of steam was thickening, I could still see well enough to catch my sister moving her leg upward.

She put her foot on the edge of the counter, then grabbed my ass tightly with her hands. And then Alana lifted her other leg and braced that foot against the edge of the counter.

Now she was fully off the floor, her weight held only by my dick and I, and her feet balancing us by resting on the bathroom counter.

Her legs were spread wide, as were her ass cheeks, allowing me to push into her a few extra centimeters as we fucked. Her back was still against my chest, and water from all the steam was practically running down our bodies, making us slicker by the second.

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I had to grip her body even tighter to make sure I wouldn't lose my hold and drop her, so I hugged her to me as if our lives depended on it and concentrated on each thrust so I wouldn't slip on the floor and lose my balance. Despite all the extra work my mind was doing, I felt my body getting closer to orgasm. I kissed anything I could put my lips on; Alana's neck, shoulder, face, even her wet hair, which clung to my own face.

I squeezed her tit one last time, then ran my hand down her slick tummy and placed it between her legs. Finding her clit, I rubbed it between my fingers, and Alana's ass clenched around me even tighter than before. I drove my cock into her hard, almost losing my balance, and knowing that I was seconds away from the point of no return.

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Absentmindedly, I began calling out my sister's name. Hearing those words made me lose all concentration, and I slipped, falling forward toward certain doom. Alana's feet slipped off the counter, and we were heading towards the floor, with Alana in position to hit first, and me on top of her. This was going to hurt But on the way down Alana caught the edge of the sink with her hands and managed to hold on, keeping me on my feet. Her legs swung beneath her, then back up and locked together behind my ass.

Now she was almost an extension of my dick, her ass still impaled by my cock and her body sticking straight forward from it. She gripped the counter with all of her might, and her legs tightened their lock on my waist.

With our bodies now at a ninety-degree angle, we were in the perfect position to fuck each other to orgasm. I resumed fucking her tight ass at once. Alana was already on her way to orgasm, and she screamed and moaned and shuddered as she fought to keep herself supported on the counter. To help out, I walked forward, moving her further onto the counter so she could rest her arms and her weight there.

Grabbing her hips, I thrust into her over and over, jolting her entire body again and again as she cried out and sobbed for me not to stop. To never stop. Her face pressed against the foggy mirror and she clawed at the mirror with one hand. As I bucked into her, her wet tossed, clinging to whatever it touched and tangling into a mess atop her head. That did it for me, and in a flash I was pumping my sister's ass with renewed vigor as a new, thick load of boiling cum rushed through my balls.

It spewed into her forcefully, and I could feel it fill her ass and surround my cock; warm, wet, sticky, and churning. I didn't stop fucking her until well after I had spilled my last drop, and even then I waited before pulling out of that warm, wet Heaven. I spread her cheek further and licked lower so I could taste her pussy. That tasted exquisite as well. I stayed there for a little while and then licked up her entire crack and went back to mauling her asshole.

She looked back at me, but when I started fingering her ass with my thumb, she put her head back on the bed.

I played with her asshole for a minute before taking my middle finger and thrusting it into her pussy. When I started working both digits together, Melissa screamed.

Thank god, nobody's home I thought. Her hips starting bucking and I knew she had come. I kept my fingers in her for a little while longer - it felt like she had another orgasm - and then slowly removed them. Melissa had a big, goofy smile on her face, and I had a tent in my pajama pants. I quickly left the room and went into the bathroom and grabbed the body of baby oil from the medicine cabinet. I went back to my room and immediately took my clothes off.

My dick was rock hard and Melissa looked at it hungrily at first, but then she saw the bottle and looked a little nervous. When my dick was nice and oiled, I went over to the bed and dripped some oil between Melissa's cheeks.

She squealed. I rubbed it in well, sticking a finger back in her anus for a moment, much to her delight, and then straddled her. After a few more thrusts, I came.

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The semen shot out of me like a cannon and got all over her back and hair. It was probably the best orgasm I'd ever had. I collapsed on her, not even caring that I was lying in my own jizz. After she had showered again, Melissa had gone out with some friends she'd made plans with. I cleaned myself up and went back to my room to try to get some more studying done. But it was no use. I had no idea what was going to happen between me and Melissa now.

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I felt a little confused and remorseful about what had happened, but I couldn't get any of what had happened out of my head. Her little pink butthole. How it had tasted, how it had clamped down on my finger, how it had felt rubbing my dick against it.


At some point I had dozed off. The moving of the bed woke me, and when I opened my eyes, I was greeted with a phenomenal sight: a naked pussy and butthole. She didn't let me finish, lowering her ass onto my face. She grinded it for a minute, my mouth on her pussy, my nose practically in her asshole, before shifting so I could focus just on the rosebud.

I licked like a madman as she moaned. She must have noticed the bulge in my pants because I felt her hands unfasten the button and lower the zipper. She pulled my dick out and started jerking me off slowly.

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After she came loudly, her cum all over my face, she bent down and started sucking me, and I hoped she'd return the favor. But she had other plans.

She took my dick out of her mouth. I want this in my ass. She went back to sucking, and so did I. Before it was past the point of no return, I slid out from under her and got up. I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and was about to go to the bathroom where I'd returned the baby oil, when I noticed it on my nightstand. I oiled myself up and got behind her; she was so wet there was no need to do her. I couldn't resist and leaned over and took another lick of her asshole.

Then I backed away and lined up the head of my dick with it.

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This is it, I thought. I'm about to fuck my sister in the ass. Perhaps that should have stopped me, but two things quickly crossed my mind.

We are a family of four. My Dad, Mom, Elder sister and me. I am studying in final grade of school and am 18 years of age. Let me tell you about my sister. She is three years older than me. She is a very innocent girl and cares for everyone. She is a killer beauty and has the right assets A Night With My Sister by DaveCee . Mom and dad had gone out for the night and left my sister and I in charge of the house for the evening. We didn't know what we wanted to do so we decided to just hang out in the pool house together and watch some TV Sister gets unexpected present from older brother. and other exciting erotic stories at!

The first was we already had gone so far, I'd had my fingers and tongue in her ass, would me dick really matter?

The second was the fact that my dick was going to be in my sister ass was a huge turn on. We both gd. God, it felt good. I pulled it back slowly, and then slowly entered her again. It sounds corny, but my dick at that moment felt like a magic wand that was getting more powerful every time it went into her ass.

I went slow for a while, but I could tell Melissa was getting impatient. Suddenly, without warning, I thrust it in completely, held it there for a few seconds, and then started really fucking her. As I felt my semen erupt in her ass, I realized I had been wrong. This was the best orgasm I'd ever had. But lacks details. He oiled up his cock.

He inserted in her asshole. No trepidation. No going slow.

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Simply oil up insert. Loved the story, but not terribly original.

I mean, I can't even begin to say how many times I have smoked weed and found my finger up an asshole: my sister's ass, my mother's ass, my grandfather's ass, my dog's ass, hell I even found my finger up a bonobo's ass at the zoo Must be a Southern thing.

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