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The door had opened, and the Principal had stepped out to speak to the School Secretary in the outer office. She knew what would soon be taking place, and took a moment to try to recall the student who was currently in the office with Mr Roberts. Alice Taylor, 18, with something of a history of minor scrapes, usually resulting in a detention or similar. She has been offered the choice of 5 days in school suspension, or corporal punishment. She has opted for Corporal Punishment. Alice looked deeply uncomfortable, but would still prefer this option to that of being effectively confined to one room in School for a whole week.

Do you understand? She had stood up, but her eyes widened at this, and her hands swung back towards her throbbing bottom. Miss Watson took the paperwork, walked to the door, opened it, and let Alice leave. Sometimes, sometimes, witnessing a paddling does bring you a little treat, she thought.

I wonder what will happen to her at home. As she sat at her desk, she closed her eyes, and thought of those jeans being taken down, and a thick belt swinging towards the paddle-bruised buttocks, and the yells the girl would make as it did so.

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Because if so, you may have to be punished daily till you write them up for us. No, nothing in my past - and I prefer to be on the handle end of any implement rather than the business end. You are commenting using your WordPress. com account. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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FLR Joy - Spanking Duration. Spanking safely is important - if you are new please read FAQ before spanking. Duration of spanking is more about the number of strokes and the intensity of the hits than it is about the length of time it takes. The harder you are hitting, the less strokes it will take to reach the desired level of physical and Karen hurt, but not so much from the tumbles and spills. Her corset was tighter than ever before, crushing her ribs and training to have a stem waist had only begun the previous Christmas. The large plug inserted up her ass was a bother too, though something she was well accustomed to. Judy liked her girl plugged and did so frequently Helen Northwood and Gilian Smith are previous Strictmoor Academy students who had been misbehaving back at home and at their collegonce more. Mrs. Frobisher had been asked to take them in on a course to get them back on the straight and narrow but she had her hands full with Janet and Annie, so she called Mrs. Jackson, the former principal of Strictmoor, to see if she

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David Adams PaddleSchool 8th Jan 5 Minutes. Nearly into the position, anyway. Keeps you stable. A bit further. It stops this dragging on. He passed it to the girl. She did so. He was smiling, but carried what looked like a gun in his hand, while the taller man was holding an old rucksack.

So long as you do as we ask, and do not cause any problems or upsets, then we will all get along just fine. They look quite valuable - pure gold, if I am not mistaken. Regrettably, I slipped off my bracelet, undid my necklace and handed them both to the taller man.

Now I regret to say that it will be necessary to make sure you cannot raise the alarm or get in our way while we are here. What do you think? I looked at Mom as she stared at the masked men. She is obviously a mature young woman, who needs to be treated with respect and love. Please, however, make sure she is not too uncomfortable, and not embarrassed. I suspect she has already suffered enough. While you do that, I need to discuss a few matters with her mother.

As I watched them walking up the stairs, Mister Small took me gently by the arm. I promise that I will not hurt you as your mother was doing.

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Still dazed from the sudden turn of events, I did as he asked, turning and moving my hands behind my back. The next thing I felt was a sharpness as what felt like plastic pulled my wrists together. Turning me round, I looked into his eyes through the holes in his mask.

May I suggest you lie face down on the sofa. The next thing I knew was the pulling together of my ankles, the feeling the same as my wrists. Looking over my shoulder, I could now see the white strip holding them firmly together.

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Now, roll onto your back and sit yourself up" he said, again guiding me up. Angled, I next saw a loop of rope been passed in front of me, and then pulled tight against my breasts, forcing my arms further into my side as it did so. I was large for a sixteen year old and the tight rope against my boobs and chest pushed them out further. A series of elaborate windings around my breasts and arms, as well as behind my back were made, until I could see what almost resembled a bra around my upper body.

Ah - I see your mother has rejoined us. Tall and my mom returned.

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My mother had changed into a white silk vest and shorts nightwear set, and I had to stop myself laughing at the thin spaghetti straps that were holding her top up now. Bill and Samantha were both in the scene, but would be at work when Karen started her adventure.

You'll be gagged until you complete your challenge or I find you tomorrow; which is more likely and you'll probably be hungry," Judy said as she parked. Karen is more that passable in public; no one, unless they saw it, would believe what her steel panties hid from view.

Still, she was very self-conscious about appearing among strangers wearing outfits like she'd on that morning.

Her black leather coat would hide most of it, but it only had a single button at the waist and wasn't big enough to keep her petticoat filled dress or large breasts from pushing it open. Her collar was in view and much of her bosom was exposed below it; the lapels barely hid her ringed nipples and that the chain, looping between them, was padlocked to stay.

Resigned that she'd no choice, Karen removed the white cartwheel hat from the bag and put it on her carefully coiffured red hair. Judy had provided a card of long hatpins to hold it in place and, knowing it would be expected, she drew down the delicate, diamond mesh, black veil; arranging it before her heavily made-up face.

Her boots slipped as she steadied herself getting out of the car. Aware of their minimal traction, she used only small steps to walk from the lot.

Double Punishment Warning: This story contains corporal punishment-spanking of a young girl, not for fetish reasons but just to warn you before you read. I clicked the door open, trying to be as quiet as I could, and walked into the dark hallway. As I did so, I kicked off my four inch heels, glad that my feet were free of them. It wasn't that I didn't want to wear heels, it's just that at "Last one, girl" The Crack was definitely louder this time. As was the girl's yell. She buckled again under the impact, bending her legs before standing up, wriggling the bottom. "Stay where you are", the Principal commanded. He walked back round the desk, sitting down and placing the paddle to one side, in front of the girl Sublime Nylon 2. ? View. Add to wishlist. High quality - prints for those who appreciate classic leg photography. Purely dedicated to authentic seamed stockings, high stiletto heels and retro foundation wear, basques and corsets. Enticingly lit studio leg shots of point and Cuban heel seamed stockings, and exciting outdoor

As expected, most everyone inside stopped their conversation as the girl made her way to the table then had to stand until her mistress gave permission to sit. Just like O, Karen had to raise her coat, dress and petticoat, not smooth them under, to rest her well-padded bottom on the seat. Her locked leather cuffs contrasted against her white gloves and the cuffs of her dress when she accepted the menu from Judy.

The drainage bag made the diapers she wore unnecessary for that, but she would need them later when the bag on her back and powerful bomb inside went to work.

The waitress, not understanding at all, left to bring the tea. Once they'd ordered, Judy unfolded a printed paper on Karen's placemat. Boldly, at the top, it said, 'Slave Girl Karen's Challenge - Demerits and Punishments'. Slave Girl Karen will be blinded and placed in inescapable bondage. She will then be led to a remote area of the farm and tethered with one hundred twenty feet of aircraft cable between her slave girl collar and a large, immovable object.

Her challenge is to locate the key to the lock at the opposite end of the tether, free herself then return to the stable before sunset. Slave Girl Karen is further challenged to have maintained her required immaculate appearance when she presents herself at the conclusion of her challenge.

Failure to meet these two challenges will earn her demerits.

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The number of demerits accumulated will determine the severity of her punishments. The number will geometrically increase from 1 if only one is unclipped to for all ten. The number will geometrically increase from 15 if only one is lost to for all four. To this point, Karen had read nothing that was out of the ordinary; all the listed items and demerits they earned for her, but for a few, were clearly listed in the rules she was required to obey in order to maintain the immaculate appearance her mistress demanded of her and she had helped to write.

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A crooked seam, if Judy spotted it before the slave had made any attempt to straighten it, would have earned the same twenty demerits and three times that many for both, sloppy makeup earned her fifty. New on the list, were the tears and things like losing her hat; which, under normal circumstances, weren't expected to occur.

The rules dictating her required appearance had been beaten into her and the whips were seldom needed by then as reminders. What followed, were specific to the planned, upcoming scene. After the first 24 hours, Slave Girl Karen will be caged and removed only for the administration of her strokes until strokes are worked off plus 24 hours cage time if her earned demerits are less than For a score of less than48 additional cage hours will be served and added in increments of 24 hours for every demerits accumulated.

The initial punishment will be conducted on site, commencing with inverted suspension for the application of her strokes then tiptoe, bondage for the remaining 24 hours. Returned to the stable, Slave Girl Karen will be again be placed in inverted suspension, which will be her position for all remaining earned strokes, then her bondage changed, contacts, diapers and gag removed. All numbers will be rounded up to the next highest integer. Karen finished reading about the time their food was delivered.

She stared in near disbelief at all that had been printed out then realized she'd still have more of a chance than if following Hiliary's script, albeit not much.

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It was clear in her mind then that there was no way either of them could meet the challenge. Her mistress would show her that it still was possible, but there was no way to do it without at least incurring a level one punishment. As they neared Bill and Samantha's farm, Judy slowed the car while still on the highway. Karen turned and grinned. Soon, the two women were in the building where Karen had spent the previous two summers, stabled as and being trained by Samantha and her daughter as a ponygirl.

While Karen hung it, she searched the contents of the carryall bag. Setting it on the bench and turning it on, the thing beeped fairly loudly, but not overly so.

It then goes to every thirty minutes for another hour and just once every hour thereafter until sunset when it shuts off. It's your job to find this by picking it up, following your leash to where it's locked, free yourself then return here. The pasture you'll be in is one of those you used as a ponygirl and I'm sure you remember the road.

Just keep the fence on your right, the gate will be open, and just follow the road back here. She was given the small plastic box containing a pair of her contact lenses, a bottle of sterile saline solution and told to put them in.

Because of her three pairs on tight gloves, inserting the opaque lenses in her eyes wasn't easy, but was doable. She was then totally blind; a condition she often experienced when in serious bondage.

She doubled a braided nylon rope and placed it in the crook of Karen's elbows when she raised her arms up behind. It pulled her shoulders further back and trust her large beasts out more once Karen's mistress had crossed her wrists then shoved on her elbows to push her wrists high enough so the rings on the leather cuffs could be locked to opposite shoulders.

It was a very strained position, but one Karen had often endured before.

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She liked her lover to put her in bondage and squirmed more from the discomfort inside the tube under the shield of her belt than for any other reason.

No relief and chastity were prime, non-negotiable conditions in her relationship with Judy. Karen positioned the loop of the rope near the front, passed the free ends through it, removed the slack then, with her knee on the busk of Karen's corset, pulled it tight.

She yanked it as hard as she could, causing her girl to yelp.

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I don't want to punish you for tearing your sleeve because I didn't take precautions to keep your arms under control. Over her shoulders the ropes were pulled tight and wrapped about Karen's crossed wrists, cinched and knotted then brought again in front, pulled as tightly as she could and tied off under Karen's breasts. Karen wiggled her fingers, about all she could do.

The circulation had not been restricted, as Judy knew how to tie a girl very effectively for the long term and not cause her any harm beyond, often extreme, discomfort.

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A pair of regular handcuffs circled her wrists below the wrapped rope and its connecting chain padlocked to her harness. Regulation ankle cuffs chrome plated Smith and Wesson steel ones, but with their eighteen-inch chain shortened by half a foot were added.

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The cuffs threaded through the four Dee rings on the padding straps about Karen's boots to keep them in place, ratcheted snug then double locked.

These rings were just large enough to accept another set and they were locked there too. It was a psychological game - Karen found enjoyment by being placed in whatever bondage her mistress desired and Judy freely indulged those little pleasures. As a ponygirl, she'd knelt there a hundred times before to be fitted with her tack. Using a syringe with a fairly large nozzle, Judy carefully extruded a soft, water-soluble wax-like substance into Karen's ear canal.

This plug would rest lightly against the membrane and prevent it from vibrating. The substance was packed flush to fill the entire ear cavity then the procedure was repeated in her other ear.

Karen could still hear through the bone conductance of her skull, but not very well. Judy had no intentions of making this challenge an easy one. Don't worry that I'm excusing you from having to keep your coiffure neat; you'll be wearing a very nice wig.

With her hair all pinned, Judy worked a tight rubber helmet into place. It was made of flesh colored latex with an open face. To further diminish her slave girl's sense of hearing, the helmet was lined with a quarter inch of foam and another layer of latex.

The blonde mistress had more - muff style hearing protectors that were part of the leather bridle Karen would wear. In place of one of the ponygirl bits she'd been trained to have in her mouth, the bit for this ordeal was a steel, dental jaw jack, coated with rubber were it touched her teeth.

With the jack between her lips, but not expanded, Judy adjusted the bridle; tightening it to her satisfaction, drawing the bit in deeper then padlocking all its buckles. Using her brush to tease and style the hairs as they should be then applying extra hold hair spray to the very full bangs and ass length waves, Judy was very pleased with the look she'd created on her slave.

The elaborate hairdo hid the earmuffs completely and some of her bridle. The hat was replaced and tightly pinned to the wig. Wind wouldn't blow it off. Judy would lower the veil shortly.

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She slowly pressed the levers until the jack had opened Karen's mouth beyond the point of comfort causing her to moan, but not protest. From the zip-lock baggie, Judy removed the large saturated sponge and pushed it into the waiting cavity. Karen hated the taste of Hiliary's 'Slave Solution' equal parts of strongly saturated salt water, white vinegar and Listerine-original.

The large sponge was packed far back in her mouth and filled her cheeks, but still stuck outside a bit. That unsightliness was corrected with a perforated metal plate that fitted to the steel jaws behind her teeth, further compressing the resisting sponge and locking into place so the gag couldn't be expelled. A small padlock on each side assured that no one could readjust the spreader jaws or remove the gaggage.

She wiped the excess Slave Solution from Karen's face then snapped the leash to the ring under the helpless girl's chin. With the beeper and attached key ring in her purse, the petite blonde led her slave girl out into the morning sunshine. Several times Karen slipped and stumbled, but didn't fall during the fifty minutes it took for them to walk to the field where she'd be playing.

It was about a mile from the stable; Samantha and Bill owned a lot of land. Twenty yards from the gate, Judy bent down and picked up the end of the waiting cable. Another padlock fastened it to the ring at the back of the collar about Karen's neck. These had almost become part of her when she'd been a ponygirl.

Just as then, her nipple rings, hobble and front collar ring soon bore bells. There was another pair she'd worn as earrings too, but her helmet wouldn't allow for placing them there; instead, her mistress locked them on either side of her painful bit.

Gladly, Karen would swap it for even the punishment bit Amber had used to teach her to obey the rein commands. Just barely, her girl could and stamped her right foot to acknowledge. Without her stereophonic hearing and greatly diminished sense, it was impossible for her to judge the direction from which anything she heard had come. She didn't hear her mistress walk away either. It was thirty minutes of near silence, but for the tinkling of her bells, before the sounds of Judy's voice reached her brain.

During that time, the mistress had searched for what she considered a perfect spot; the middle of a large grassy knoll, close to the road, but screened from full view by the tall cattails on the edge of the small stream that ran downhill across Karen's circle of operations.

Judy thought that the noise of traffic, especial the louder trucks on the highway, might make her slave reluctant to venture there. The device was easily accessible, that is for anyone not quite as restricted as the bound girl fifty yards away.

She could have made this far more difficult, increasing the impossibility of the assignment, by setting the beeper in the thicket of briars she'd seen or even just in a clump of trees, but what would be the point of that? Karen was going to rack up demerits at a staggering rate once she'd begun.

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It was Judy's guess the total might be easily over two thousand, after all, even if she managed to maintain her pristine appearance, failure alone would be earn more than sixty-two percent of that and failure was as safe a bet as the sun rising the following morning. Relishing the view of just how helpless Karen appeared; Judy took many pictures. But for the lack of arms, the complex steel between her widely parted red lips and the shackled black boots; her submissive slave could be waiting to attend a late spring garden party.

At nine thirty-three that morning she ordered her to get started then walked back towards the house; needing another media disk for her digital camera and having forgotten she'd left the others in her car. Though she'd thought long and hard about how to conduct a search, since being told of this ordeal initially, Karen was no closer to having any real plan.

As Hiliary had not written of one, she'd not expected the homing device; that was a very welcome bonus. The one hundred twenty feet of strong aircraft cable that connected her collar to the tether point defined the circle she was confined to. Somewhere within those forty-five thousand square feet was a little box of only eight square inches beeping once a minute.

She was just twenty yards inside the fence, near the end of her rein, but then didn't know it. Judy had left her alone for half an hour; enough time to have walked nearly a mile away and returned. Though her mistress would tease and kid a lot, one thing in their relationship was secure - trust. Never could Karen have allowed her mistress to do all to her that she did without trusting that no real harm would befall her.

Even thought she was only five feet tall, no one in their scene would dare to stand up to the blonde on matters relating to her property and Karen was that; property.

When Judy had stated her tether was one hundred twenty feet long, it was. The challenge was not entirely impossible, her mistress, with the beeper, had provided her with a winnable task; albeit, it was highly unlikely she could possibly succeed.

Karen thought of these things and more as she felt her way, walking slowly with measured steps. She'd no choice about them being measured - with two chains, just a foot in length, between the steel on her ankles, her stride was limited to about ten inches.

Karen had no sense of direction, but moved without hesitation.

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She wished she were doing this in her hooves, those she'd worn as a ponygirl, at least the steel shoes nailed to their bottoms would have provided traction on the turf. With her ponygirl harness, checkreins holding her head erect and the fleece shadow roll before her eyes and large blinders beside them, she couldn't see the path ahead much more then than she could see at that time.

Judy had greatly misjudged; in planning this scene based on the script Hiliary had written, the mistress was ignorant of the changes in Karen that two summers of intense ponygirl training had created. Never had she discussed these matters with Karen or even Karen's trainers; she had just relished the pleasures of having the ponygirl unhesitantly obey and perform excellently while pulling the sulky and responding to the reins and whip which Amber, Samantha's sixteen year old daughter, had taught her.

Karen, though totally without any clue as to how she could possibly succeed, did not resign herself to losing either. Amber had taught her this too.

Thinking all she'd done was beat her for punishment, the teenager had done more, much more. She had taught the ponygirl in her care to have the will to try. Yes, Karen once enjoyed good whippings at parties, but the girl, in her ignorance, had taught her what a punishment whipping actually meant. The girl had not intended to teach more than for the ponygirl to obey, but had instilled a will in Karen that had never before been there - a will to beat the young, ignorant bitch at her own game.

Picking her steps, occasionally slipping, Karen moved forward. Almost everything that had been put on her bothered her. The chastity belt was a given. When she had her penis pierced for the cross pins shortly after moving in with Judy, her mistress made it clear that male sexual gratification was not part of their arrangement, but would be denied as long as Karen remained her slave girl. The corset compressed her torso more than any other she'd worn, but so had Samantha's concept of a proper ponygirl corset harness.

Despite the enforced constricted breathing, Karen had been trained to pull Amber's sulky for a mile in less than five minutes on a racetrack. Amber never expected the ponygirl to win that race against a ponyboy who'd been raced for more than seven years; rather she had looked forward to administering another good whipping instead.

Karen had endured that; she could endure her present lacing. It had been worse. Where could it be? She had no clear idea of what pasture she'd been put in, just a feeling; a feeling she been here before, but Bill and Samantha owned a several thousand acres. The gag, it strained her jaws. Hiliary's Slave Solution was something to be avoided at all costs, but Karen was never asked to pay that price.

Having soaked a small sponge and placing it in her own mouth, Judy had gained first hand knowledge of how bad it was in less than twenty minutes then had used it often ? on Karen. Nothing could be done to avoid it. The solution was liberally used as a garnish and flavoring for many of the things in her diet, even as her standard salad dressing. A fallen branch tripped the bound slave girl. She hit hard, but was unhurt.

Judy had jumped up upon seeing this, but sat down on the log again when it was clear that Karen was unhurt, after she had sat up and remained in place for a few moments until she recovered. Falling and tripping were going to be common throughout the challenge and Judy questioned if the heels she'd selected were too high or the hobble too short, but dismissed those concerns by the end of the day.

Karen hurt, but not so much from the tumbles and spills. Her corset was tighter than ever before, crushing her ribs and training to have a stem waist had only begun the previous Christmas. The large plug inserted up her ass was a bother too, though something she was well accustomed to. Judy liked her girl plugged and did so frequently. When she was in ponygirl mode, a similar plug anchored her long, full tail and was only removed for a brief time each morning when the young trainer administered a three-liter enema, followed by a rinse of equal volume.

She wanted to rub her calves and scratch itches away in numerous places. Long periods in stringent bondage had taught her that was not to be and she just had to endure those annoyances. The absolute worst of what her mistress had decided was appropriate bondage was the gag stuffing her mouth and straining her aching jaws. Unlike a large rubber ball gag or even some of the fat penis gags, which Judy was fond of, there was no give at all in the strong steel jaws of the jack; Karen couldn't move her mouth or tongue.

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Unknowingly, Karen entered a cluster of holly trees in early afternoon. Her veil had protected her face somewhat when it snagged on the pointed leaf - before turning about, one to her loose sleeves was torn too. By mid afternoon Karen needed to rest and recover her breath.

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