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Often the most radiant thing about a bride as she walked down the aisle was her recently spanked bottom. The Father of the bride would spank her for the final time the morning of the wedding. It was the tradition for her husband to inspect the damage to her bottom later that day and to administer an even harder spanking to prove him worthy of her hand. If the brides Father wanted her husband to be gentle with her he would give her a token spanking barely leaving any marks. However, if he felt she would benefit from a strict married life he would bruise her bottom with a sound thrashing, happy in the knowledge that her husband would more than match his efforts later that day, and throughout many years to come. FATHERLY LOVE. Your email address will not be published.

  Naughty girls about to be caned. Another naughty Japanese girl. Some old favorites. Top Posts & Pages. A collection of spanking stories. Naughty girls about to be caned. Her sore bottom. Mother spanking daughter. A Russian whipping. Over the knee from forty years ago. Spanked in front of a friend. Some old favorites. Dressed in her jeans for a Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs   Bare bottom spankings for naughty manga girls. School discipline is a serious matter. Because disruptive actions by a single student can lower the educational achievements of the whole school it is important to discourage miscreants with bare bottom spankings at the first sign of trouble. Happily our Japanese colleagues have produced a set of Jitsu wa Raishuu de ??????? manga spanking. 0 notes. View post. 4 October, Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Seigaku Arashi ????? [v1] Seigaku Arashi ????? manga spanking. 0 notes. View post. 4 October,

Latest Gallery Contributors. Zani-Loki 89 Deviations Featured: Chichi - Videl.

Adrienoir 56 Deviations Featured: Boku no Spanking Academia. Vilk4s 25 Deviations Featured: Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose Commission RWBY. Rain 20 Deviations Featured: Ryuko Spanking Kurisu.

View and download hentai manga and porn comics with the tag spanking free on IMHentai   ENF manga girls trying to cover themselves with their hands. Ecchi babes are a delight. Being naked makes them even more delightful and if you add embarrassment to the mix that raises them up to awesome levels of cuteness. With that happy thought in mind ENFdaily proudly presents this latest gallery of ENF manga girls cowering in shame Popular spanking manga and doujinshi. Artist. views 50%. laliberte???. views 0%

archangemon 19 Deviations Featured: spanking raven. umaru1note 19 Deviations Featured: D. va spanking. prinny-emperor 18 Deviations Featured: KonoSuba OVA: Megumin is the Master?

Tixamat 16 Deviations Featured: Pag4. barkyhito 14 Deviations Featured: paddling machine.

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Even if you were unfortunate enough to have gone to an all boys school there must surely have been a school secretary or some other female employee about the place who got your ENF gland tingling. Apart from ENF one of my passions is Mad Science.

Daily ated spanking pictures for free! 29 November - Bondaged submissive chick showing her blowjob and fucking skills to her master. 29 November - Kelly has failed to do her chores around the house and knows she will be punished for it. the taskmaster grabs her by the arm, throws her over his kne 29 November - Young hot cindy hope masturbating naked in chains Weiss spanking Yang and Cinder FreeWilloranIllusion 86 0. Mature content. Bunshichi spanks Emi FreeWilloranIllusion 60 1. Mature content. Kaede Punishment CherryS Mature content. Ruby rose spanking umaru1note 49 2. Mature content. Cabba - Kaulifla Zani-Loki 82 1 WOW!!! Watch the best Girl Spanking Girl porn videos collection. HD quality Girl Spanking Girl xxx movies for free. Fresh videos every day. Keep you cock hard!

Any movie or TV show involving deranged scientists hell bent on world domination is something I will happily watch no matter how awful it may be. So when there is a Mad Science ENF crossover then that is clearly must see entertainment for Your Humble Blogger and I am delighted At any given time it is unknown how many naughty nopan girls are out and about in public without their underwear.

Any girl in a dress or skirt who walks past you in the street could be harbouring a saucy secret.

I need to Discipline her!!!

There might be a knickerless libertine babe sitting opposite you on the train. Or perhaps that girl at your Here is a glimpse into a wonderful world which I am sure ENF fans would love to inhabit. A world populated by naked slavegirls would be an absolute joy and it looks as though there is no shortage of ecchi artists who dream of just such a utopia as we can see from this gallery of manga slavegirls.

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Just looking This set features shamed girls from Moetan Se 01 Ep 13Kodomo no Jikan Se 01 Ep 03Dragon Destiny aka Ikki Tousen Se 01 Ep 08 and Bikini Warriors Se 01 Ep For good measure a Surely the sight of this bevy of naked

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