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A new AI engine will soon let the owners of these silicone dolls create personalities for them. Thing is, that's exactly what many are already doing. Warning: This gallery contains images of partially clothed sex dolls. It's not for kids. Abyss Creations, best known for ultra-realistic, silicone sex dolls, has created an artificial intelligence engine called Harmony. With it, users can craft custom personalities for their dolls, then get to know them through conversation using a mobile app.

That's Diana on the right standing next to a second full-bodied doll, Tiffany, purchased in May. The owner is also currently testing the waters with the Harmony AI app, which lets users try the RealDolls AI engine by creating a virtual companion with conversational intelligence and a programmable personality right on their phone. Most of the dolls Abyss sells are female, but the company also sells male and transgender dolls.

Abyss estimates that for every one male doll that leaves the factory, it sells nine female dolls. Most, but not all, of its customers are men. A small number of women who own male dolls have posted to the Club RealDoll forum, but they didn't respond to our requests for comment.

RealDolls are highly customizable, and can even be given features like elf ears for the right price. This doll's owner calls her Leanyn, which means "Fairy Lover" in Celtic. Like the butterflies you get in your stomach when you first kissed your high school girlfriend. I also enjoy buying her clothes, as well as making costumes and weapons for her. It is like a hobby within a hobby, and it is a lot of fun.

Leanyn's owner says he's enjoying trying to craft a personality for her using the Harmony app. I will almost certainly get an animatronic head. That would change the look of my doll, and I really like the way she looks now. So I may buy an entire new doll to go with a new head.

The personality of the Harmony app doesn't quite match the personality I had imagined for Leanyn, but I think it would be a better match for a second doll. Another elf, incidentally. Leanyn's owner wasn't the only one I spoke with who prefers Elfin dolls.

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Another shared this photo of Kvinna, one of two elf-like dolls he owns. In addition to creating weapons, costumes and a coat of arms for them, he's also given them their own email addresses and Facebook accounts.

A year before buying Kvinna, he purchased this doll, which he named Sorchia. One RealDoll owner tells me he's very much attracted to latex outfits, and enjoys dressing up his dolls Bunny and Usagi seen here.

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However since our breakup, most have been for Bunny and Usagi. He says he has the blessing of his ex. She knows about Bunny and Usagi, and even named them herself. Like many of the users I spoke with, Bunny and Usagi's owner says he's been experimenting with the Harmony app. Harmony will just be a way to communicate with her and develop that ct more. I now have five dolls," another owner tells me. Doll Acquisition Syndrome. This one's named Kendra. but there are a few tips and tricks that you should feel empowered to employ during your next sex session.

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First things first, sex should be consensual and safe, every time, for every body. For a refresher on what consent means and entails, check out this cool graphic brought to you by Planned Parenthood.

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And, of course, there are many ways to make sex safer, which you can learn more about here. Lube is an absolute necessity for anal sex, and with penetrative sex, lube can actually make sex easier and more enjoyable as well as help prevent possible micro-tears in the vagina and anus caused by a lot of friction. The handle has a long reach, making it a win for vulvas. For a person of size, pillows or even better, something sturdier like the Liberator Wedge, which is made out of industrial foam are your best friends.

Masturbation gets the sexual juices flowing, helps you get to know your body better, and helps you discover how different parts of your body respond to touch.

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When lying down on your back, pop a couple of those pillows under your hips and watch gravity work its magic. Any flowy girth on your stomach recedes in and to the side, making a clearer path for your hands or a toy to reach the vagina or penis. Bringing your feet together in this way opens up the genital area for easier access.

But with that said, there are some sex positions for fat people that tend to make things even better. You should feel empowered to try any sex position that looks fun to you, but here are some tried and true ones that are easily modified should you need that. colors are too red. Since we derive our DA K magnitudes from the predicted color V [K and the published V mag- 4. published by Shara et al.

To account for visually resolved compan- derive for stars in the BPGS spectral library match their ions, we inspected images from the DSS Shara et al.

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Comparing the two DAs also observed by Zuckerman visual pairs. maximum separations of AU. For the farthest WDs in 3 Unmodeled, large equivalent width IR absorption features our sample near pc, imaging is instead sensitive to in DAs.

To account for a shift of 0. absorption features with equivalent widths of nearly A? would be required that are not present in the DA models.

Rather system. than using detailed spectralK?ts, c they had to use published REJ [ EFinley et al. Our result of an IR excess con?rms the presence of ute magnitude depends strongly on log g. For the other the companion. object in common between our samples, REJ ] REJ ] EThis star appears to be a multiple at PG ]we note an even more striking discrepancy near-IR wavelengths. They assume a distance of 30 pc, while the best estimate Kfrom detailed ?ts of NGS is pc.

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Their c also noted nearby. A ?nding chart is provided in Figure 3. REJ [ EThis is the hottest DA in our sample of resulting claim that the IMF is Nat or increasing down to at IR-observed WDs. DA stars with such high temperatures least 0. The suggestion by Finley et al.

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EThis was suggested by Schwartz et al. red excess is not borne out by our measurements. EAs the least massive DA in the sample, R[I color, but they suggested that further measurements this DA might be expected to have a companion, since very were needed to con?rm this. We note that the system is a visual binary, with a REJ [ EWhile its IR excess suggests a late-type red companion 8A West of the DA.

Contamination of the companion, our estimate for its visual magnitude V is only DA spectrum in NGS99 is thus the likely explanation. c D2 mag fainter than the total V magnitude, so evidence for REJ ] PG] EThe object is barely the companion should have been seen in the red end of its discernible in our K mosaic, so reported K photometry is optical spectrum. However, the only spectrum from Vennes poor.

et al. EThis is a barely resolved visual pair, to A?. Jomaron also copy will readily reveal the companion. found the M-type secondary in residuals to the DA optical REJ ] PG ] Our IR photometry indicates a some- of the values we report here.

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However, their derived absol- what later type. REJ ] EIR photometry for ] was contaminated by a very bright, resolved object at 8A.

The year-old actress made a 'Big Bang' on the app on Wednesday RealDoll sex doll owners, in their own words. A new AI engine will soon let the owners of these silicone dolls create personalities for them. Thing is, that's exactly what many are already doing Tiny temptress Bridget Powers (Bridget the Midget) is in big trouble. INSTAGRAM Just 3-foot-9, Powers entered the porn world when she was 19 and appeared in more than 70 sex peterfields.netted Reading Time: 3 mins

SELECTION BIASES Strong biases are likely to be inherent in any sample of EUV-detected WDs. The strongest is the selection against a high column of intervening interstellar material. Columns as low as 5 ] cm2 easily quench Nux in the EUV below detection levels achieved in either the ROSAT WFC or the EUV E. As pointed out by NGS99, at a given temperature, WDs with lower masses are larger, consequently more luminous, and thus detectable to larger distances. For instance, at 30, K, a WD of 0.

E5 ] 5 K-band image of the ?eld of REJ ] reveals 5 For example, one optical depth is reached at column densities of 30, several close neighbors to the DA. North is up, east to the left. A large number of EUV-detected DA white dwarfs with good con- straints from atmospheric modeling now exist Marsh et al.

authoritative message

The 2MASS will provide less sensitive, K ? 14 IR photometry for brighter subsamples. WDs with masses less than the canonical core-helium ignition mass 0. Only one of the WD stars in our sample, REJ [, has a low mass 0. It is thus of interest to check for any correlation between DA mass and IR excess.

Figure 4 shows that no such corre- FIG. Similarly, there is no correlation between best-?t model atmospheres of NGS We see no evidence that IR excess the absolute K magnitudes of companions M and those correlates with DA mass. K of their corresponding DA white dwarfs.

For many WDs at the maximum no-excess and excess subsamples. THE BINARY FRACTION for massive WDs as suggested by Vennes et al. However, there is no already passed through the AGB phase, imposing a lower direct bias induced by interstellar absorption on the mass limit of about 2 Mon the WD progenitor.

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We thus observed binary fraction. The binary Nux from hot white dwarfs may be biased against close frequency of high-mass stars has proven difficult to deter- binary systems. This could arise if heavy elements arising in mine for several reasons. Photometric detection of a faint a wind from the MS companion have accreted onto the low-mass star next to a bright early type primary requires surface of the white dwarf, enhancing atmospheric EUV high precision photometry.

The use of radial velocity varia- and soft X-ray opacity Barstow et al. By including tions can also be difficult due to the large rotational speeds only DA stars in our sample, we might thus be preferentially of many early-type starsEone reason why solar-type stars excluding some binary systems. For instance, the hot white are preferred in current planetary searches. However, Barstow et al. We may also count multiple binaries with early-type stars showed no signs of abundance systems by assuming that any resolved object within the enhancements from accretion, their opacity sources follow- 10A, radius is at the same distance as the WD i.

sumed companionand thereby tally objects within a Indeed, while those abundance enhancements may lead to chosen limiting physical separation projected onto the sky signi?cant X-ray opacity e.

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J [J and DA mass. Furthermore, Barstow et al. Since the largest estimated distance to any of the Among our sample of hot DAs may be some close WDs in our sample is pc for REJ ] we binaries that have passed through a phase of common choose for completeness8 a maximum projected physical envelope evolution.

While these are sometimes called preca- separation of AU. This removes only one system taclysmic binaries, many will not become cataclysmic vari- ]leaving the binary fraction essentially ables within a Hubble time Ritter This is lower than the best incompleteness- common envelope phase. Some systems may have companion masses available. coalesced, while others may have grown through wind acc- As allowed by the faintness of WDs relative to main- retion, or by stable mass transfer.

The late-type compan- these WD ] MS systems warrant the improved constraints ion masses corresponding to our estimates of absolute K on their masses and abundance enhancements that IR spec- magnitudes M range from about 0. Green There is recent evidence Heber et al. IR spectra would test for this, and its potential limit for several reasons. First, very low-mass companions rami?cations for the depths and timescales of mixing due to can fall below our IR detection limit of K D 16, with sensi- chemical potential gradients e.

Goldie Hawn Flaunts Beach Body in Sexy Swimsuit at 70 Years Old! 'RHOA' Stars Reunite at NeNe Leakes' Husband Gregg's Memorial. Fat sex is amazing sex, and we all deserve to f*ck our fat hearts out. This article has been ated as of May to include the most recent information. Keywords fat sex the f word IR photometry of hot white dwarfs is nearly nonexistent in the know what K magnitude to expect for the WDs, we bene?t from constraints on log g, radius, and derivable T eff from optical spectra for the WDs in our sample, using NLTE model atmosphere ?ts (Napiwotzki, Green, & Sa ćer , hereafter NGS99)

tivity decreasing with distance. Also, while we assume only We are obtaining IR spectra of these systems at the a single degenerate in each system, double degenerates KPNO 2. The binary fraction may be a function of the from isolated evolution D1. If the observed systems e.

Such mergers would slight- binary fraction for DA WDs proves to be inconsistent with ly reduce the observed binary fraction in our sample. While those of main-sequence primaries in a similar initial mass they might also help constrain the Type Ia supernova for- range, it could mean that age-dependent formation condi- mation rate e. Thanks to Fred pc. Including only unresolved systems is intuitively appealing, but it Ringwald for providing a catalog of unresolved, hot-high- introduces a bias against companions in nearby systems.

gravity with cool companion composites. The author grate- 9 Below about 0. This Henry et al.

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research has made extensive use of SIMBAD. We derive photometry these targets from a global mosaic of the ?eld produced by shifting and combining individual frames. The undersampled pro?les of the star generally ensure that most of the stellar Nux is contained within one pixel, and the presence of dead space combined with undersampled images makes it difficult to produce Nux conserved stellar pro?les in the ?rst place.

Thus, we conclude that mosaicking images will not signi?cantly alter our photometry. These assumptions are tested by comparing magnitudes derived from a mosaicked image to those from individual frames. Figure 5 illustrates this comparison. Figure 5 demonstrates that photometry from mosaicked images is consistent within the errors with photometry obtained from individual frames.

A comparison of the formal errors with those obtained by comparing the rms magnitude variation from individual frame suggests that our errors are dominated by these systematic errors. The dashed line in Figure 6 shows the magnitude of the formal errors. The solid dots are the observed rms variations of magnitudes from individual frames.

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Clearly, formal errors underestimate the measured empirical estimates. The formal errors are derived using a modi?ed form of the IRAF task FIG. EComparison of the derived magnitudes in the ?eld of PG ] using individual frames and a mosaic image.

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K-band magnitudes derived from an image mosaic and those from individual frames are compared for ?ve stars in the PG ] ?eld. The error bars show the 1 p deviation among magnitudes from individual frames. The dashed line shows the resulting relationship if the two quantities were identical.

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EObserved error estimated as the 1 p deviation among magnitudes derived from individual frames vs. magnitude for the PG ] ?eld. The solid line shows our error curve for the ?eld see text for details.

These data suggest that we are dominated by systematic errors. The solid line in Figure 6 shows an example of this ?t. Adelman, A.

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