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Earlier this week, actress Bella Thorne announced that she would be working with the pornography-sharing site, Pornhub, to keep it free of "revenge porn". This is the story behind that announcement. One of her dogs, Ma, an Australian Shepherd, scampers around her ankles to show her concern. We've talked about slut-shaming, depression, bullying on social media, and how she has become one of the most deepfaked actresses, appearing now in thousands of faked pornographic videos. We're sitting on the deck of her rented waterfront home in Sudbury, Ontario. It's a quiet, maple-leaf-strewn town on the cusp of autumn, and Thorne has been here for three months filming Girl, with Mickey Rourke, in which she plays a young woman who has returned to her sleepy home town to kill her abusive father. It's been a year in which the year-old has bared her soul to the world.

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17/10/  The actress Bella Thorne opens up about sexuality, pornography, depression and feminism. The real (and fake) sex lives of Bella Thorne (Shake It Up, where Zendaya was her co-star). Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

Thursday, October 7, Our Privacy Policy. Home Actress Sexy Pictures 41 Hottest Pictures Of Zendaya. You don't take nude pictures of yourself," Goldberg said, during a panel discussion on her programme, "Once you take that picture, it goes into the cloud and it's available to any hacker who wants it, and if you don't know that in that this is an issue, I'm sorry.

Thorne responded to Goldberg on Instagram, tearfully calling her comments, "sick and honestly disgusting". Oh no.

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Her message for these people is this: "You never choose to really look inside your own home Every single person shares some kind of affection online. She adds that publicly shaming young people for behaving in this way, when they are already feeling humiliated and vulnerable, could push them further towards a mental health crisis. These photographs that she released herself were the first genuine topless pictures of Bella Thorne to appear online.

However, there are many, many sexually explicit Bella Thorne videos - none of which are actually of her.

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They are deepfakesmade by expertly superimposing her face on to the body of an actor engaging in sex, and manipulating the image to make Thorne appear to say whatever the creators want her to. One particular video disturbingly takes audio from a recording of Thorne crying about her dead father, whom she misses deeply, and edits her face on to a video of a woman masturbating.

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Software developers have told the BBC that the technology to make deepfake videos from just a single photograph will be available to the general public in less than a year. This worries Bella. She adds that such videos could be used as a form of revenge, blackmail or extortion against young women who, unlike her, do not have the digital platforms to expose them as fakes.

It's at this point that we start talking about Thorne's debut as a director, the award-winning adult film Him and Her - and something unexpected happens. She says she decided to make the film because she thinks the industry needs more female directors, in order to change the type of stories told about female sexuality. I then ask her to comment on the recent BBC investigation which found that Pornhub, the site where she released the film, has been profiting from so-called revenge porn videos.

It's evident that this is the first Thorne has heard of the BBC story and she is visibly shaken. I try and help and then somewhere along the line Her voice breaks off. I ask her if she wants to add anything more about Pornhub later when she's had time to research. Mindgeek, the company that owns Pornhub, told the BBC: "We seek to provide users with a safe space to share and consume content.

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The last thing we want is to undermine this by allowing revenge porn on our sites. Back at the hotel a text comes through from Thorne's assistant inviting me to an event she is attending called Make Sure Your Friends are OK to destigmatise depression. It's usually used in the context of a shoogly peg.

A great phrase! We all tend to do this, we feel safe don't we.

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Sometimes it's god to do something different, try a new look, eat a different meal etc we all need to push ourselves in a different direction. Thanks for giving the thoughts to maybe do it now.

X Jacqui www.

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Thank you Jacqui. It's a great point you make about doing something as simple as eating a different meal.

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I try and do that as often as I can. Much to my husbands surprise! He often says "Why on earth did you order that?

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You are so right. Thank you for the reminder. This is quite so true, Samantha!!!

Habits can be good for us, but it's good to try new things too!! XOXO Jodie www.

Lovely advice as usual! and I've really enjoyed it. I've got that feeling of being stuck in a rut, and I've been thinking on taking more challenges, reading more books or articles that could make me feel uncomfortable, watching more different films and series, trying something that I'm afraid of.

To play safe is sometimes the most unsafe decision! Thanks for these fab posts!

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I am trying to do that too Monica. I love your translation "Books and articles that could make me feel uncomfortable" Being outwith or comfort zones is challenging, exciting and reminds us we are alive!

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Thank you for your fab comment. I am definitely a creature of habit in all things. Last Summer I made a goal to do something or go somewhere different each week with my daughter. I actually did pretty well and discovered some really cool places close to home! Debbie www. All around great tips!

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I enjoy pushing myself here and there to try new things beyond my comfort zone. Hi Sam! I need to get my guitar out again and begin playing.

for years I couldnt play due to muscle pain, but I can certainly try now. I also want to change up the outdoor routine of walking with the pups to going for short hikes and camping.

congratulate, your

Funny you mentioned "creatures of habit" i once told my hubby that would be my rock bands name! hehe jess xx www. What a great name for a band Jess! Have you thought about forming one now?

It's never too late and I'm sure you'd find others to join. I'd love to hear you play! Excellent advice! I'm a creature of chaos rather than habit, so everyone come join me!

can help

A creature of chaos!

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